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Acquired December 1997, Hotmail was the gift that kept on givingmdash;for good or ill.
Android Parallel Tasks makes Android apps work more like regular PC programs.
Mozilla released five patches for Thunderbird security vulnerabilities, including one critical buffer overflow bug affecting Windows machines.

Happy IR in the New Year!

Endpoint anal In IR cases we use a very simple script that is uploaded to every Windows computer in the corporate network to collect logs, NTFS data, entries from the Windows registry and strings from the binary files to find out how exactly the attackers were moving through the network.
Itrsquo;s holiday season and it is our pleasure to share this script with you.
Most of Microsoft's employees are using Windows Hello, the company's biometric technology, to log into their PCs as the company seeks to serve as an example to all Windows PC users.
A neat setup canrsquo;t save a game that feels barely finished, much less fun. 
A critical buffer overflow vulnerability affecting Windows users has been fixed.
Some features may not work on those platforms in 2018.
Narrowing down a ridiculously strong year for gaming to just 20 essential picks.
Bit by bit, the PC world is continuing to drop its legacy support.
The new Adaptive Application Controls in Azure Security Center use artificial intelligence to automatically create and implement whitelists that help keep Windows instances secure.
And the built-in protection against this technique doesnrsquo;t work on all hardware.