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Review: Bow down to Elizebeth Smith Friedman, the mother of American cryptography.
Arrest made after man dies in Kansas "swatting."
Tech has been for the young, but a new book argues thatrsquo;s about to change.
In the coming year, more and more companies will make the move to deploy some type of AI solution—whether it is a chatbot, machine learning functionality, or deep learning application. You may have educated yourself on the latest innovations in AI, ...
The man wasn't a gamer, but he apparently became the victim of a deadly "prank."
The ACLU of Minnesota calls the charges absurd and unconstitutional.
Understanding their evolution shows how small changes can make a huge difference.
Acquired December 1997, Hotmail was the gift that kept on givingmdash;for good or ill.
Android Parallel Tasks makes Android apps work more like regular PC programs.
4.5 million complaints last year.
An episodic prequel with the same ups and downs, all around.
I’m one of those people who takes time at the new year to define personal objectives for the forthcoming year, some of which I actually achieve.

Enterprise IT should be doing the same thing for cloud computing.Here are my three suggestions for IT’s ...