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Yo, NSA maths chaps, can you hear me? – Black Hat man Security researchers regularly set out to find implementation problems in cryptographic algorithms, but not enough effort is going towards the search for mathematical backdoors, two cryptography pro...
White hat hackers bring value to organizations and help them defend against today's advanced threats.
Black Hat Asia returns to Singapore, March 20-23, 2018 with hands-on technical Trainings, cutting-edge Briefings, Arsenal open-source tool demonstrations, top-tier solutions and service providers in the Business Hall, and more.
Black Hat crowd encouraged to be paranoid Delegates to Black Hat Europe have been encouraged to turn conventional security thinking on its head by practicing security through distrusting.…
Windows processes can be exploited to circumvent traditional security products, say researchers at Black Hat Europe.
Security researchers lift lid on snafu at Black Hat Europe On Wednesday, in a presentation at Black Hat Europe, Positive Technologies security researchers Mark Ermolov and Maxim Goryachy plan to explain the firmware flaws they found in Intel Management...
Researchers at Black Hat Europe today revealed how a buffer overflow they discovered in the chip's firmware can be abused to take control of a machine - even when it's turned 'off.'
From making the Internet safer to promoting their security careers, bug bounty hunters have a broad range of motivators for hacking - most just like the challenge.
Researcher to reveal IoT medical device dangers at Black Hat Europe this week.
£20m vaccine for NHS cybersecurity The UK's National Health Service will pay white hat hackers up to £20m to protect its IT systems, it announced today.…
Being enthusiastic shoppers just like many other people around the world, at Kaspersky Lab we are, however paranoid enough to look at any Internet of Things (IoT)-device with some concern, even when the price is favorable.
So we randomly took several different connected devices and reviewed their security set up.
Researcher at Black Hat Europe will show how Samsung Pay's security falls short and ways attackers could potentially bypass it.