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DAILY VIDEO: Digmine cryptocurrency miner spreads via Facebook Messenger; Whitehouse.gov moves from Drupal to WordPress in a CMS shift; and there's more.
There's now yet another way that hackers are getting cryptocurrency mining code running on end-user systems.
Some features may not work on those platforms in 2018.
TV's continued niche-ification means there's plenty of excellent tech moments to enjoy.
A new Facebook tool shares recent security-related emails so users can verify whether messages are legitimate.
Pink Floyd's 2011 “Immersion Box Setrdquo; has the same audio from Apollo 11 mission.
There’s a narrative shaping up from some key voices in Silicon Valley who are pointing to venture capital as the modern-day equivalent of indentured servitude. We’ve all seen the effects: seed funding and Series A rounds leading to enormous pressure...
Follows over a year of Oculus software lockouts aimed at rivals like HTC Vive.
So you can keep track of your online persona.
Facebook received 30,000 more government requests for user data than Google