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Board reportedly took a last-minute turn away from HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman.
Licensing shop says its “virtual cabinetsrdquo; patent “is not, in fact, stupid.”
Vacation scam preyed on elderly and disrupted medical paging system, FCC says.
Nikita Ivanov is co-founder and CTO of GridGain Systems. Apache Cassandra is a popular database for several reasons.

The open source, distributed, NoSQL database has no single point of failure, so it’s well suited for high-availability applications.
It supports multi-datacenter replication, allowing organizations to achieve greater resiliency by, for example, storing data across multiple Amazon Web Services availability zones.
It also offers massive and linear scalability, so any number of nodes can easily be added to any Cassandra cluster in any datacenter.

For these reasons, companies such as Netflix, eBay, Expedia, and several others have been using Cassandra for key parts of their businesses for many years.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Blames pricey SF rent for $350,000 insider-trading scam An ex-Expedia IT admin has been fined and jailed for 15 months after he spied on the emails of the travel giant's top brass and made insider trades.…
Washington AG: “No one is above the law—not even the president.”
Amazon, Expedia formally join Washington state's lawsuit opposing executive order.
Used staffer creds, work laptop, to snoop on execs Former Expedia worker Jonathan Ly has admitted to hacking his own chief financial officer and investor relations head to commit US$331,000 in insider stock-trading. Ly, 28, of San Francisco, plead guilty to securities fraud in a Seattle District Court and faces up to 25 years prison and a US$375,907 settlement including some US$81,592 in repayments for expenses Expedia incurred during its investigation. All told Ly is said to have made US$331,000 in net profit through the securities trades. The former senior support technician used his remote login credentials and those of others he was supplied during his job to access the data. Prosecutors say he also used the credentials of other employees to mask his intrusions. Ly is accused of stealing the information over the three years to 2016 including market speculation about pending announcements which helped the hacker gain an edge in his share trading efforts. Prosecutors say Ly continued to plunder Expedia after he voluntarily left the company last year using software loaded onto a corporate laptop still in his possession. CNN reports that Ly's lawyer, John Runfola, says his client is "deeply sorry" and has "certainly learned his lesson". Sentencing is scheduled for 28 February. ® Sponsored: Flash enters the mainstream.
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EnlargeKlaus with K reader comments 1 Share this story A former IT specialist at Expedia has admitted he used his privileged position to access executives' e-mails in an insider stock-trading scheme that netted almost $330,000 in illegal profits, p...