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But a Mr. Robot-themed plug-in angered Mozilla users unfamiliar with the show.
But don't worry, we don't mention the part where Jar Jar kills all of the Porgs.

Clarkson, May, and Hammond go to Switzerland in some supercars.
It takes guts to fly into spacemdash;especially when going where no one has gone before.
Based on some award-winning sci-fi, Netflix spares no expense in this trailer.
The mid-season finale left us wondering who the bad guys and good guys really are.
Reviewing episodes 7-9: OK, maybe wersquo;d skip 7 on a rewatch.
Prof: “Why would anyone want to givenbsp;Amazonnbsp;access to their home?”
"Cosby Show" producers say even 7-second clips amount to copyright infringement.
A rumored sale of Fox assets to Disney adds a new wrinkle to our 2014 analysis.
Time to review episodes 4-6: Are you not entertained?
Iconic sci-fi/horror anthology will join Star Trek: Discovery in CBS' streaming lineup.