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It was a little buggy, but we think the final product will be a good one.
It's a great package when everything works together, but 7.6kWh isn't enough.
It drives like a hot hatch and might have the best front seats wersquo;ve sat in all year.
A mix of fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and mild hybrid vehicles are promised.
The batteries and motor are the same size and shape as the old XK powertrain.
Until now it has been about efficiency; now Chevy's ready to talk about fun.
Arcimoto is now using a recent crowdfunding law to issue shares.
Ten years after the Mini E, the company is ready to try again.
An aluminum rotor mounted to the wheel saves weight, cuts noise, and doesn't rust.
Hand-beaten panels, solid axles and leaf springs, and a 120kW electric motor.