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The holidays are coming, so if you want to gift anything to the Ars Orbital HQ...
DOJ cracks down on online scammers who trick people on eBay and other sites.
Kroll Ontrack bought hard drives and SSDs on eBay and found almost half still had business and personal data on them.
This time of year is an ideal hunting ground for hackers, phishers and malware spreaders; disguising their attacks as offers too good to refuse, a concerned security message from your bank requiring urgent attention, a special rate discount from your credit card service, and more.
Fils-Aime warns against eBay markup: “You shouldnrsquo;t [have to] pay more than $79.99.”
Consumer's most sensitve data is now in the open and will remain so for years to come.
But your next chance to buy could come at any moment.
Itrsquo;s “first known time ISIS had given money to someone in the US for an attack.”
Nintendo promises "significant amount" of consoles through end of the year.
In mid-July 2017, we found a new modification of the well-known mobile banking malware family Svpeng – Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.Svpeng.ae.
In this modification, the cybercriminals have added new functionality: it now also works as a keylogger, stealing entered text through the use of accessibility services.
CEO once called real estate "by far the most screwed up industry in America."