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Attackers bypass HTTPS encryption protection by registering new TLS certificate.
Welcome to ransomware in 2017 – the year global enterprises and industrial systems were added to the ever-growing list of victims, and targeted attackers started taking a serious interest in the threat. It was also a year of consistently high attack numbers, but limited innovation.
Belgium decides that the combination of random rewards and pay-to-play is gambling.
The F1 team wanted a new simulator driver. Now it has found onemdash;through gaming.
Activists think next year's vote will convince politicians to make major changes to a new mass-surveillance law.
We don' want no STEENKIN' proxies, as will be possible under new local laws Concerns at the effect of The Netherlands' new security laws could result in the country's certificate authority being pulled from Mozilla's trust list.…
We finally have a map of Earth's former surface, which now resides in the mantle.
ONE, TWO, THREE, what are we incrementing FOUR? (Don't ask, we don't give a damn) A Dutch electronics engineer reckons Japanese auto-maker Subaru isn't acting on a key-fob cloning vulnerability he discovered.…
Regulator says Microsoft doesn't offer enough information to enable informed consent.
Ambitious goals have drawn skeptics but NL is following China, France leads.
Autopsy shows no sign of skull fracture, throwing doubt on Madsen's dropped hatch claim.
Big Oil spent decades trying to fool public about climate change, suits say.