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Provider named a Niche Player in Magic Quadrant for DRaaS for third consecutive yearLondon-based provider Databarracks has been recognised in Gartnerrsquo;s Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service 2017. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks, commented on the announcement: “We are very proud to be included in the Magic Quadrant for DRaaS for a third consecutive year. We feel it is an incredible achievement for us as a specialist provider of disaster recovery and... Source: RealWire
Free instant recovery available to provide immediate protectionLondon, UK – 8 November, 2016 - Quorum, the leader in one-click disaster recovery and business continuity, has today announced the availability of its OnQ vApp Freemium solution for up to five servers for one year from www.freeinstantrecovery.co.uk to help businesses protect themselves against the growing threat from ransomware attacks. Ransomware is used by hackers and cyber criminals to breach existing defences and to lock files, servers or applications until the ‘ransom’ is paid. Used alongside general malware and phishing techniques which encourage users to click on a link and launch the ransomware, it is often not discovered until it has caused significant damage to the business. “Increasingly sophisticated ransomware must be countered by an equally robust disaster recovery plan if businesses want to stay ahead of the risk”, said David Fisk, Director EMEA and APAC at Quorum. “Ransomware often hits before you even know it’s infiltrated your defences, so the best course of action is to be prepared and turn a ransomware attack into a non-event.” The best practice defence strategy is to back up data frequently, on a cloud storage platform, with cold storage or on an external hard drive in order to quickly bring critical systems online, enabling businesses to continue to operate. “It’s imperative that the servers that house your most important data are adequately protected which is why we are offering up to five nodes free for one year so that businesses can take action now to protect what is business-critical,” added Fisk. “Offering protection for a substantial period of time will also enable businesses to prove the reliability and robustness of onQ before rolling it out across the entire computing environment.” Once downloaded, onQ allows businesses to quickly and easily backup physical and virtual machines, creating an exact replica of critical servers as part of a snapshot-based backup.
It can be installed into existing VMware environments as a virtual appliance, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware. In the face of an attack, onQ enables businesses to isolate affected servers, take them offline and initiate a clone of key production servers from when they were identified as ‘clean’ using the Quorum dashboard.

The clone can then be run for as long as needed on onQ while production systems are cleaned. Once this is achieved, admins can then failback from onQ to production, where all changes that occurred while running on onQ are migrated back to production. Quorum will be explaining how to sidestep ransomware threats at the ‘Don’t get hacked!’ Cybersecurity Round Table Seminar series being held by its reseller, Foursys, across the UK this November.

To register to attend, please visit the Foursys website. To download the onQ vApp Freemium solution to support up to five servers for free for one year, please visit: www.freeinstantrecovery.co.uk. -Ends- About QuorumQuorum enables IT teams to provide business continuity and the fastest recovery from server downtime in the industry. Quorum onQ was first introduced in 2010 and has since evolved into a powerful platform delivering backup, one-click instant recovery, deduplication, replication, automated recovery testing and extensible archiving, all delivered as a hardware appliance, virtual machine or as cloud based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). With offices in the US and the UK serving customers worldwide, businesses of all sizes like the easy installation, flexible deployment options and fast recovery.

To learn more, visit us at www.quorum.com or follow us on twitter: @quorumlabs Media Contacts:Andrea BurtonIndigo Riverandrea@indigo-river.co.ukM: +44 (0)7796 368669 Melanie OxfordIndigo Rivermel@indigo-river.co.ukM: +44 (0)7515 632065
London, UK – 1 November, 2016 - Quorum, the leader in one-click disaster recovery and business continuity, today announced general availability of its onQ 4.0 platform offering the industry’s most complete suite of high availability, disaster recovery and hybrid cloud (DraaS) solutions.OnQ 4.0 intends to address clear customer and partner demand for solution consolidation, automation and simplicity and offers one-click recovery from an ‘all inclusive’ disaster recovery and backup management console. Key highlights include the ability to cut disaster recovery time from hours to minutes and to manage all features and functionality – including automated DR testing and sandboxing for production level patch and configuration testing - from a single pane of glass. The announcement is supported by the release of The State of Disaster Recovery Report, based on a study conducted by Quorum, which confirms that there are several significant trends concerning IT leaders.

Businesses are dealing with overwhelming complexity and cost, and are looking to simplify and consolidate solutions.
It is also clear that businesses are looking to migrate more disaster recovery capability to the cloud or hybrid solutions. The report found that: 75% of respondents are leveraging cloud based disaster recovery solutions, with 36% using a hybrid on premise and cloud model and 39% using only DraaS 89% of respondents are planning on implementing more cloud based disaster recovery 64% of respondents are using more than 3 different disaster recovery products with 26% using between 5-10 90% of respondents would be interested in consolidating their disaster recovery into one management console Over 80% say that it takes over an hour to recover from a server failure, even with 72% of respondents saying that speed of backup and recovery is extremely critical. “This is an underserved market and it’s clear that customers have been trying to get by with old technology for too long.

The release of onQ4 is significant because we are offering customers the only solution that addresses the demand for simplicity whilst providing scalable HA, DR and DraaS from a single pane of glass,” said Simon Pearce, CEO, Quorum. “Quite simply, onQ 4.0 represents the next generation in disaster recovery capability - offering the fastest one-click recovery solution on the market to any combination of infrastructure.” “A product that can cut recovery time from hours to minutes, and a solution set that outdoes all of our competitors speaks for itself,” said David Fisk, Director EMEA and APAC. “The ability to perform automated self-testing and cloud sandboxing with any combination of HA, DR or DraaS, makes Quorum onQ 4.0 a highly competitive offering in this mature yet discerning marketplace.” Key features of onQ 4.0 include: Instant Recovery - 1 click starts a virtual clone of production servers New UI - browser based, single view and color coded for easy problem ID Automated DR testing - clones are started and verified after each backup Sandbox environment - local subnet allows patch and configuration testing Migration Tools - bare metal restore to same or different hardware. Replication - compressed and encrypted backups are sent to customer DR site or Quorum cloud (DraaS) Archive - policy based migration and retention Backup - server image, apps and data compressed and encrypted Deduplication - both at the source and destination Quorum OnQ 4.0 will be available the first week of December to customers.

For more information on capabilities, architecture and affordability, please visit: http://www.quorum.net/product -Ends- About QuorumQuorum enables IT teams to provide business continuity and the fastest recovery from server downtime in the industry. Quorum onQ was first introduced in 2010 and has since evolved into a powerful platform delivering backup, one-click instant recovery, deduplication, replication, automated recovery testing and extensible archiving, all delivered as a hardware appliance, virtual machine or as cloud based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). With offices in the US and the UK serving customers worldwide, businesses of all sizes like the easy installation, flexible deployment options and fast recovery.

To learn more, visit us at www.quorum.com or follow us on twitter: @quorumlabs Media Contacts:Andrea BurtonIndigo Riverandrea@indigo-river.co.ukT: +44 (0)1985 850320M: +44 (0)7796 368669 Melanie OxfordIndigo Rivermel@indigo-river.co.ukM: +44 (0)7515 632065
[London, 22 September 2016] The managed services industry is in a very healthy state, but acknowledged the challenges as it evolves further. Not least of these is how it finds the resources to support continuing growth, and establish the new language of sales based on business change rather than technology.Two hundred MSPs heard a series of expert presenters at the Managed Services and Hosting Summit 2016 in London on September 21 point to the coming period of change. Mark Paine – Research Director at Gartner talked about a global MSP business of $256bn with over 100,000 MSPs globally competing in the marketplace.

But he also highlighted research which showed that the managed services model could mean a dramatic fall in consulting business for IT companies, as well as less training.

For customers this means a financial gain, but MSPs must get used to selling more services to compensate. MSHUK16 Pulling in figures from Gartner's own survey of CIOs, he revealed that over two-thirds of enterprise customers plan to review and change their IT sourcing in the next two years, so competition is not going to get less. It all means working far more closely with customers, Tiffani Bova of Salesforce.com had earlier told the audience. “Only technology can help customers get where they want to go,” she explained and this meant MSPs being able to understand the markets and models better: "We need to get to the future before our customers do and welcome them when they arrive." The customer should always be your “true north”, she explained and that customer experience is where the next sales battle will happen.

There was no longer any separation in technology terms between B2B and B2C. For many in the audience, the interest was in learning how other MSPs successfully built their sales and business models; it was all about getting scale, and using expertise in the right places. MSP BlueChip's MD Brian Meredith came on stage to relate how his business was growing, working with backup specialist Falconstor, and that knowledge of the solutions at a business level was key “The role of MSP is to also lead customers into what is possible,” agreed Tony Martin, Falconstor UK&I MD.

Dave Sobel, an entertaining speaker in previous years at this event and Senior Director of the Partner Community at LOGICnow – now part of SolarWinds MSP, who had run and then sold his previous MSP business, related how, in his experience, the most successful MSPs are those that standardise and roll out policies which work for 95% customers. APC by Schneider Electric used the event to launch its new channel programme for MSPs – the first time the company had planned new offerings starting with channel discussions rather than new hardware, Maeve Fox, global channel strategy manager revealed in a busy session.
It now has plans to continue to roll-out further systems to allow the MSP to take wider control of features around power and cooling, allowing the introduction of planned maintenance. There were plenty of new opportunities for MSPs revealed on the day: disaster recovery as a service set to grow ten times in next four years- StorageCraft's European Marketing Director Ellen Marie Hickey told the meeting, and this can represent a new business stream worth millions to the average MSP. Looking forward again, international standardisation body onem2m's Ultan Mulligan said how, with other groups, it is working on one common IoT layer but diversity and different technologies means that the many devices expected to be used, and around which MSPs are starting to build applications, are working different ways- “things will get worse before they get better,” he warned, but advised the MSPs where to look for advice. In an unusual step, the event brought in the Open University, which has very close links to the UK government cybersecurity initiatives whose new business head, Simon Tindall was able to point to the high level (£1.2bn) of funding support promised for cybersecurity training, some of which is starting to come through in to the industry.
In a sector where skills are in very short supply, he pointed to courses, many of them free, which were turning out thousands with some level of expertise which the industry could build on. OU cybersecurity training courses can be licensed, added to and resold, he told an interested session. The Managed Services and Hosting Summit is jointly staged by IT Europa and Angel Business Communications and moves on next to Europe, where a similar event in Amsterdam (www.mshsummit.com/amsterdam) on December 7 will put a European perspective on all these changes.
Sponsors of the UK event included: FalconStor, LOGICnow – now part of SolarWinds MSP, Schneider Electric, Autotask, Brocade, ConnectWise, Corero, ESET, Equinix, Ingram Micro, Kaseya, Aegis Data, Coservit, Datto, Deltek, Digital Realty, Exponential-e, InfraScale, Intronis/Barracuda, LogicMonitor, Mimecast, Radware, RapidFireTools, RingCentral, StorageCraft, Uniprint, Virtus, Volta, Webroot and WellData. About IT EuropaIT Europa is the leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace and the primary channels that serve it.
In addition to its news services the company markets a range of database reports and organises European conferences and events for the IT and Telecoms sectors.

For further details visit: www.iteuropa.com About Angel Business CommunicationsAngel Business Communications is an industry leading B2B publisher and conference and exhibition organiser.

ABC has developed skills in various market sectors - including Semiconductor Manufacturing, IT - Storage Networking, Data Centres and Solar manufacturing. With offices in both Watford and Coventry, it has the infrastructure to develop a leadership role in the markets it serves by providing a multi-faceted approach to the business of providing business with the information it needs.

For further information visit: www.angelbc.com For further information contact:Alan NormanTel: +44 (0) 1895 454 604Email: alan.norman@iteuropa.com Jason HollowayTel: +44 (0) 1923 690 200jason.holloway@angelbc.com
Press Release Disaster recovery specialist Databarracks has launched a new DR service designed specifically to target cyber threats.

Cyber-Disaster Recovery as a Service (Cyber-DRaaS) identifies cyber-attacks early and enables users to roll back to the last clean replication point in Databarracks’ secure DR environment. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks, explains: “As a business continuity provider, we have a very unique view of cyber threats. We are called into action when defences have been breached and we need to get a customer back up and operating as quickly as possible.

Cyber threats like ransomware and malware are the fastest-growing concern we hear from our customers around business continuity and the single biggest cause for significant recovery. “Traditional disaster recovery isn’t optimised for cyber-attacks. Recovering from ransomware would mean trawling through historic versions of backups in order to find clean data then starting a lengthy recovery process. “Our new Cyber-DRaaS uses replication to bring a fresh, continuity-led approach to cyber security.
It offers a double-edged approach to cyber security, blending aggressive scanning and detection technologies with pro-active continuity planning.

This means organisations can safely resolve cyber threats whilst continuing to support their business as usual processes. “By combining our award-winning DRaaS platform with Trend Micro’s Deep Security, we’ve automated the process of finding the most recent clean replica of an organisation’s production systems.

The result is that organisations can recover from ransomware or malware infections within the same Recovery Time Objectives offered by our DRaaS platform, which can be as little as 15 minutes, whilst automatically recovering to the most recent Recovery Point.” Groucutt concludes: “Ultimately, cyber threats aren’t going anywhere. We understand the increased importance of protection at the perimeter, now it’s time for organisations to be proactive about their cyber security and business continuity.

Cyber-DRaaS is the perfect first step.” To find out more about Cyber-Disaster Recovery as a Service and how it works, visit the website here http://www.databarracks.com/disaster-recovery-as-a-service/cyber-disaster-recovery-as-a-service/ - Ends - About Databarracks:Databarracks provides ultra-secure, award winning Disaster Recovery, Backup and Infrastructure services from UK-based, ex-military data centres. Databarracks is certified by the Cloud Industry Forum, ISO 27001 certified for Information Security and has been named as a “Niche Player” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for DRaaS for two consecutive years.

For more information, please see: http://www.databarracks.com Contact:Nick Bird/Paul MooreSpreckleyTel: +44 (0) 207 388 9988Email: databarrackspr@spreckley.co.uk