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Congress could block net neutrality repeal, but Democrats face tough odds.
But pro-net neutrality groups will sue FCC to reinstate consumer protections.
FCC should wait for Congress to create net neutrality law, Republican says.
Gallery: Major websites join last-ditch effort to save net neutrality rules.
"It is very disappointing to hear about delays caused by poor execution."
Republicans eliminate rule, make it easier for stations to close local studios.
GAO will investigate after Democrats asked for evidence that attacks happened.
Pai's support mostly came from GOP senators, but four Democrats broke ranks.
Democrats objected to Pai's re-nomination, but Republicans had his back.
FCC may soon revoke net neutrality rules, but ISPs want immunity from regulation.
Senate Democrats plan "very loud" debate on vote to give Pai a new term.
The House bill preempts state laws, creates a fast track for self-driving cars.