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An unwelcome PITSTOP Glitches at distributed denial-of-service mitigation biz Incapsula left the websites it defends offline twice on Thursday. Incapsula blamed "connectivity issues" for the global PITSTOP, aka the worldwide degradation of its services. "A rare case triggered an issue on the Incapsula service and caused two system-wide errors at 9:44 UTC and 14:50 UTC making sites inaccessible," a spokeswoman told us. "The issue was identified immediately and actions were taken to contain it and restore service.

The root cause has been identified and the Incapsula development and ops teams have corrected the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers." The data center security firm elaborated on the situation on its system status page and in a string of tweets. Affected sites included the blog of IT security industry veteran Graham Clulely. He tweeted: "Apologies to those trying to get to my site. @Incapsula_com is down for the second time today, bring my site with it." ® Incapsula Incapsulating Thursday's problems Bootnote PITSTOP – Partial Inability To Support Totally Optimal Performance: Not quite a full TITSUP, which is a Total Inability To Support Usual Packets. Sponsored: Speed up incident response with actionable forensic analytics
The vendor security evaluation framework provides questions that organizations need to ask to accurately assess a third-party's security and privacy readiness, Google said. Google has released a framework to open source that it implements internally to...
Choose-your-own-adventure must be solved before entry to the Gates of Google. Or yours Google's decided that the first-phase questionnaire it uses to vet vendors might be useful to the rest of the world. Until now an internal document, the Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (VSAQ) was created to help Mountain View cope with the huge number of vendor approaches it receives. The questionnaires help vendors describe their security posture to Google, so as to thin out the amount of stuff the Chocolate Factory has to let in the door for a presentation. The VSAQs are high-level rather than high-detail stuff.

For example, the questionnaire dealing with physical and data centre security might be answered in as few as five responses (the questionnaire forks some responses into further questions). There are four templates provided with the VSAQ Framework: the Web and Application Security Questionnaire, the Security and Privacy Program Questionnaire, the Infrastructure Security Questionnaire, and the Physical and Data Centre Security Questionnaire. Because of the choose-your-own-adventure nature of the questionnaires, Google's written its own rendering engine to work with the standard templates.

The post includes demonstrations of the questionnaires. “We hope it will help companies spin up, or further improve their own vendor security programs. We also hope the base questionnaires can serve as a self-assessment tool for security-conscious companies and developers looking to improve their security posture,” Googlers Lukas Weichselbaum and Daniel Fabian write in the company's security blog. The VSAQ, posted to GitHub, includes a client-side reference implementation for low-volume users.
If you want to run assessments at Google-like scale, Mountain View recommends you develop a server-side component. ® Sponsored: Eliminating cybersecurity blind spots
Company releases new advanced threat protection services, a new "security sandbox" product, and upgraded storage and disaster-recovery packages. SAN FRANCISCO -- Dell, much more well known for PCs, storage and servers than for its security acumen, made a lot of news this past week in the data protection category.Item 1: The Round Rock, Texas-based corporation's SecureWorks subsidiary on March 3 launched a cloud-based service that identifies threats while they are happening by identifying malicious behavior, enabling it to become aware of attacks that may otherwise go undetected because they involve little or no malware code.Dell's Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection Red Cloak is available now as a fully managed software-as-a-service platform.
It links to endpoint monitoring capabilities and lightweight sensors in the user's data center in order to scan and analyze for activity that could indicate a network breach.The service is powered by real-time threat intelligence provided by the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU).

The system is already protecting more than 4,100 Dell clients in 61 countries, the company said. Within the unit, the company's Cyber Threat Analysis Center can provide electronic notification within 15 minutes of determining that activity constitutes a security incident, Dell said.

Targeted and/or high-impact events are then forwarded to the Senior Intrusion Analyst Team, which guarantees a response within 24 hours. Go here for more information.New Data-Protection Packages ReleasedItem 2: On the storage security side, Dell unveiled a series of new data-protection packages to help organizations better protect frontline business systems, applications, and data–either on premises or in the cloud.These offerings include Dell Data Protection/Rapid Recovery, three new data deduplication appliances models, a free edition of the new Dell Data Protection/Endpoint Recovery, and Dell's Data Protection/NetVault Backup 11.Dell Data Protection/Rapid Recovery integrates proven and familiar features of AppAssure and other Dell securityware to help eliminate downtime for customer environments.

Customers can attain ZeroImpact recovery of systems, applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud environments, the company said.Another new feature, Rapid Snap for Applications, takes snapshots of entire physical or virtual environments up to every five minutes.

This gives users immediate access to data in the event of an incident and the power to restore in real time as if nothing ever happened.
In addition, Rapid Snap for Virtual technology offers agentless protection of VMware VMs, Dell said.Go here for more information.Capture, Dell's New 'Sandbox' Security ServiceItem 3: Patrick Sweeney, Vice-President of Marketing and Product Management for Dell Security, told eWEEK at the RSA Conference here about SonicWall's new Capture service, a sandboxing technology -- which is in the same space as FireEye, Lastline and others -- that has "differentiatable attributes to it.""It's managed and controlled by the next-general firewalls, and we see packets coming in; we identify everything we know to be good, everything we know to be bad, and also what we determine to be unknown," Sweeney said. "It could be zero-day, could be something benign, or whatever. We direct it to our cloud infrastructure, where we process it through in a key differentiation: three engines in parallel.""Everybody knows that no one security engine is going to find every threat," Sweeney said.
So, in addition to the SonicWall Capture and Lastline engines (Dell is part owner of Lastline, a strong emulation engine that enables users to detect advanced malware in networks), data packets in the Capture are also fed into VMRay, a third-generation malware analysis technology that detects and protects systems from APTs (advanced persistent threats), targeted attacks, and 64-bit kernel rootkits, he said.VMRay was announced this week at the RSA conference as Dell's newest security partner.All the products noted in this article are available now.

Go here for more information.
The State of Utah has the worst ... tenant ... ever Utah is being hit with up to 300 million security incidents a day, the state's public safety commissioner says. He complains that the undefined "incidents", the bulk of which are likely automated scans, have skyrocketed since 2010 when the number of incidents peaked at 80,000 a day. Commissioner Keith Squires told local broadcaster KUTV he suspected the increase is thanks to construction of the National Security Agency's major data centre in the state. "In 2010, my IT director was letting me know that the amount of attacks we would average in a 24 hour period were between 25,000 to 80,000," Squires says. "We did have peaks in the past year or so that were over 300 million in a day. "In my opinion the ultimate effort (of state actor attackers) was trying to get data that was national security related." The state employs 20 personnel in its security team and charges them with sifting through the mass of security incidents. Picking the signal of a nasty attack from the noise of automated scans is among the team's chief concerns. Most of those attacks originate outside of the US, Squires says, adding that traffic from China is blocked. The US$1.5 billion (£1.1 billion, A$2.1 billion) NSA Bluffdale data centre, officially designated the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, was built May 2014 and is said to be capable of processing a litany of communications, allegedly including those of US citizens. ® Sponsored: Building secure multi-factor authentication
Logicalis SMC and HPE combine to accelerate digital transformation via a complete, rapidly deployable big data ITSM solutionLondon, UK, 03 February 2016 – Logicalis, the international IT solutions and managed services provider, has announced the launch of IT Custodian, a turnkey ITSM solution developed jointly with technology leader Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Logicalis’ Service Management Consulting (SMC) business to advance the digital enablement of large organisations. The Logicalis SMC best practice solution utilises core HPE ITSM excellence leveraging HPE Propel technology, and centres on a prebuilt, standard process model that promises fast and successful implementation at a fixed cost. IT Custodian is aligned to the Open Group IT4IT™ framework, and available on-premise or as a cloud service.“Service Management is more than capable of achieving transformational performance at the speed of digital innovation, but traditional approaches to extending the service desk and embracing ITSM can be difficult to budget and take many months to implement correctly. This is far from ideal at a time when IT departments urgently seek to regain control over IT services and become the ‘internal service provider’ to the business,” explained Martyn Birchall, Director, International Service Management Consulting at Logicalis. “With IT Custodian, instead of losing time adapting ITSM technologies to meet their bespoke needs, organisations can rapidly adopt a best of breed, best practice model relevant to their business challenge, which is based on lessons learned with hundreds of major organisations.” According to recent Logicalis research[1] highlighting the effects of the so-called Shadow IT phenomenon, 31% of CIOs globally are now routinely side-lined when it comes to making IT purchasing decisions. IT Custodian comprehensively addresses these and other governance issues, within a fully-supported framework that leverages ITSM best practice gained from over 17 years of Logicalis Service Management consultancy experience.“The IT Custodian solution extends the benefits of HPE Service Management technology with a ready to adopt implementation model that includes everything a service-defined enterprise needs for ITSM in a single solution,” said Kevin Leslie, EMEA Director of Service Portfolio Management at HPE. “Enterprise CIOs and line-of-business executives now have a proven, repeatable approach to Service Management that curbs the risks associated with shadow IT and delivers the benefits of a rich, dynamic, multi-source IT environment with full budgetary control and governance.”For more resources about the Service-Defined Enterprise (SDE), including a forthcoming workshop series for CIOs and IT directors, visit www.uk.logicalis.com/sde.[1]Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2015 http://www.logicalis.com/knowledge-share/downloads/cioreport-2015-the-shadow-it-phenomenon/logicalis-cio-report-2015/ EndsAbout LogicalisLogicalis is an international IT solutions and managed services provider with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in communications and collaboration; data centre and cloud services; and managed services.Logicalis employs over 4,000 people worldwide, including highly trained service specialists who design, deploy and manage complex IT infrastructures to meet the needs of over 6,500 corporate and public sector customers. To achieve this, Logicalis maintains strong partnerships with technology leaders such as Cisco, HPE, IBM, CA Technologies, NetApp, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and ServiceNow on an international basis. It has specialised solutions for enterprise and medium-sized companies in vertical markets covering financial services, TMT (telecommunications, media and technology), education, healthcare, retail, government, manufacturing and professional services, helping customers benefit from cutting-edge technologies in a cost-effective way.The Logicalis Group has annualised revenues of over $1.5 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, and is one of the leading IT and communications solution integrators, specialising in the areas of advanced technologies and services.The Logicalis Group is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the AIM market of the LSE and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues of over $6 billion.For more information, visit www.uk.logicalis.com Media contact:Jacob Petterson / Greg Halse Cohesive Communications+44 (0) 1291 626200logicalis@wearecohesive.com Source: RealWire
Wick Hill and Zycko strengthen Austrian business with new office in ViennaLondon, Cirencester and Woking, UK: Rigby Private Equity (RPE) announces the opening of a new office in Vienna, Austria. Specialist value-added distributors Wick Hill and Zycko (both part of RPE) already have business in Austria and this move shows the commitment of both distributors and RPE to strengthen and grow activities in that territory. Paul Eccleston, head of RPE, commented: “Both Wick Hill and Zycko have traded successfully into Austria from Germany in the past and have had many requests from their vendor partners to open an office in Austria itself. We see this is as a serious commitment to the territory, with significant opportunities for the value add, capability and services that both companies represent.” The Vienna office will be staffed by a strong team of experienced people who will be supported by the core capabilities of both Wick Hill and Zycko. From day one, the Austrian office will have access to the skills of both companies, which include marketing, product and technical support, consultancy and professional services. David Galton-Fenzi, CEO of Zycko, said: “Having a local resource in Austria will allow us to further improve the focus and level of service we can offer to partners there.”Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, said: “With the continued growth of our business in Austria, it was important for us to open the Vienna office to support our partners.” Rigby Private Equity, which is building an EMEA-wide high-value, specialist distribution business, was formed in 2015 to identify established companies with both a great value proposition and plans for strong growth, to invest in these companies and to support the acceleration of their growth plans. In July 2015, RPE made a major investment in leading specialist security value-added distributor Wick Hill and in December 2015 added leading specialist services distributor Zycko.About Zycko Established in 1999, Zycko is an international, specialist distributor of innovative IT solutions including data networking, data storage, network monitoring and management, voice and video communications, virtualisation, cloud, and data centre infrastructure. The company focuses on new, best-in-class, innovative technologies, delivering first-class, sophisticated and professional services, accredited training, marketing and business development support to its customers. Through a careful selection of leading-edge strategic partners and technologies, Zycko provides the opportunity for channel customers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. The company has 15 offices in 13 countries and serves the rest of the world from its UK headquarters. Zycko is part of Rigby Private Equity, a subsidiary of Rigby Group Investments, an independent company within Rigby Group plc. About Wick Hill Established in 1976, value added distributor Wick Hill specialises in secure IP infrastructure solutions. The company sources and delivers best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions through its channel partners, with a portfolio that covers security, performance, access, networking, convergence, storage and hosted solutions.Wick Hill is particularly focused on providing a wide range of value added support for its channel partners. This includes a strong lead generation and conversion programme, technical and consultancy support for reseller partners in every stage of the sales process, and extensive training. Wick Hill Group is part of Rigby Private Equity, a subsidiary of Rigby Group Investments, an independent company within Rigby Group plc. As such, Wick Hill has its headquarters in the UK, an office in Germany and an office in Austria. Wick Hill is also able to offer services to channel partners in thirteen European countries and worldwide, through its association with Zycko, as part of RPE. About Rigby Private EquityRigby Private Equity is the private equity arm of Rigby Group Investments, owned by the Rigby Group plc. Rigby Private Equity was founded in 2015, with significant funding, to build a portfolio of equity investments in leading, high-growth potential companies in the technology sector.ENDSFor further press information, please contact Annabelle Brown on 01326 318212, email abpublicrelations@btinternet.com. Wick Hill https://www.wickhill.com Zycko http://www.zycko.com Source: RealWire
FARNBOROUGH – 27 January 2016 – Datum Datacentres today announced the launch of Datum Cloud Connect to provide direct connectivity from its Farnborough data centre to major public clouds such as AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.Datum’s Farnborough data centre is home to a diverse range of organisations who share a requirement for highly secure and resilient co-location to house and connect their business critical IT infrastructure. With the launch of Datum Cloud Connect, clients seeking cloud solutions can now derive additional benefit from secure, private connections to a hub of public clouds. Through Datum Cloud Connect, the additional resilience and flexible bandwidth delivers predictable high performance for organisational cloud strategies.Dominic Phillips, Managing Director, Datum, comments: “Datum Cloud Connect supports clients whose businesses demand additional levels of performance and reliability when connecting to public clouds. The high throughput, low latency secure connections link into AWS EU West and Microsoft Azure North Europe regions offering significant performance improvements over public Internet connections. Enterprise clients can access automated, provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers whilst network and cloud service providers can both aggregate traffic and reduce time to market for new offerings.” Part of the Attenda IT Services group, Datum’s data centres are trusted as secure environments for content, data and business critical IT to connect with a neutral choice of networks and cloud service providers. Datum built its co-location service to support a business outcome approach to data centre provision, working with both enterprises and service providers to deliver a highly secure, resilient data centre service that meets the needs of their business. Datum Cloud Connect adds another layer to the connection-rich nature of the data centre to further support hybrid compute and connected DR. About DatumDatum Farnborough (FRN1) Key FeaturesStrategic, London-edge, secure campus LocationPressurised free cooling providing Leading-Edge Environmental EfficiencySLA backed 100% Power AvailabilityEnhanced, Government-grade SecurityDynamic & Flexible support for High-Density deployments (up to 30kW per rack as standard)Carrier & Cloud NeutralComprehensive Accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001, PCI DSS, DCA Class 3 Fully Operational, EU Code of Conduct for Data CentresHighly Resilient infrastructure design & operations to support business critical ITwww.datum.co.ukPress Contact:Lexie GowerT: 0845 5680123E: lexie.gower@datum.co.uk Source: RealWire
With Azure Stack, Microsoft wants to bring its Azure cloud computing services into its customers’ data centers. Today, the company announced that it will launch the first technical preview of Azure Stack later this week on Friday, January 29. For now, this is a pretty limited version of Microsoft’s overall vision for Azure Stack. It’ll only support a single machine, for example, which is obviously a far cry from the enterprise-scale data center environment Microsoft envisions for the platform. As Microsoft’s Ryan O’Hara told me, though, the plan is to get a full release of Azure Stack into customers’ hands “in the Q4 timeframe.” In many ways, Azure Stack is the logical next step in Microsoft’s overall hybrid cloud strategy. If you’re expecting to regularly move some workloads between your own data center and Azure (or maybe add some capacity in the cloud as needed), having a single platform and only one set of APIs across your own data center and the cloud to work with greatly simplifies the process. This, O’Hara believes, means Microsoft will be “well-positioned against Google and AWS” because it can more easily connect its data centers to its customers’ data centers than its competitors. Microsoft describes Azure Stack as a “high-fidelity” version of Azure. For now, though, the plan isn’t to make all the Azure services available on premises. Instead, these earlier versions of Azure Stack will mostly focus on the core components: compute, storage and networks (which isn’t unlike earlier versions of Azure Stack competitor OpenStack, for example). Both Azure and Azure Stack share a lot of their underlying technologies and Microsoft has standardized on a single architecture for both. O’Hara stressed that Microsoft wants to enable what he called “one Azure ecosystem” that spans from the cloud to the enterprise data center. This means developers and IT admins will be able to use one set of tools to target the platform (including Visual Studio and PowerShell) and won’t have to worry about whether their apps will eventually run on premises or in the public Azure cloud. Azure Stack uses the same user interface as Azure, too. “As far as tenants go, it really should appear as if it’s another region of Azure for them,” he said. Over the course of the technical preview, Microsoft will continue to add new services and content, including OS images and Azure Resource Manager templates. Azure Stack is obviously going up against the likes of OpenStack, the open source enterprise cloud computing platform that now has the backing of everybody from Rackspace, HP Enterprise and IBM, as well as a thriving startup ecosystem. Microsoft clearly hopes that its hybrid story will allow it to position Azure Stack as a viable alternative against this quickly growing open source competitor.
How does the FBI crack down on child porn on Tor? By hacking, spying and conducting home raids. The FBI has resorted to hacking to hunt down pedophiles hiding anonymously on the Internet. The Justice Department just closed a historic case, a massi...
London/Monaco, 11 January 2016 – Datacloud Europe 2016 (http://www.datacloudcongress.com/) which meets this June 7-9 in Monaco, will feature the critical eco system of cloud connectivity, fiber networks and data centers as the utilities to the world’s businesses. The enterprise driven programme for the international forum and exhibition, now in its 12th year with 60 countries represented, will extensively draw on business users from financial services, transport, auto, media and gaming, pharmaceutical, retail, oil and gas, telco and other key verticals. The congress will explore how they are responding to the challenges of energy, security, connectivity, interoperability, and using Cloud enablement, continuous delivery and DevOps lifecycles for faster rollout of new features and applications and for sustaining business innovation.“The content focus is extremely timely with most enterprises shifting at least half of their infrastructure to Cloud-based platforms over the next 24 months,” commented Philip Low managing director of BroadGroup, the event researchers and producers.“The need to connect outside of the data center to business Cloud users is not only critical, but also more complex as already evidenced in the selection of location for new facilities.”Kathy Schneider, SVP Product and Marketing EMEA, Level 3 Communications said: “Leveraging the cloud successfully should be underpinned by a solid network strategy. Level 3 is a trusted connection to the networked world, including the cloud, providing network services that enable organisations to achieve their growth, efficiency and security goals. As the Platinum Cloud Sponsor of Datacloud Europe, we are focused on helping organisations to maximise cloud connectivity opportunities, regardless of their cloud provider or architecture.”Datacloud Europe 2016 in Monaco will for three days be home to many of the most influential thought leaders, business minds and decision makers in the data center and cloud industry and once again reflects the core offering of high level content, leadership networking and a place where business deals are done. The programme includes the Datacloud Awards ceremony and dinner on the evening of 7 June, followed by two days of conference and exhibition. New for 2016, the event co-locates the first ever summit, Invest in Data Center Africa, for Investors, financiers, data center operators, subsea and fibre developers and pioneers responding to the challenges of creating the African data center network.Sponsors include Digital Realty, Siemens, Level3 Communications, Invest in Finland, MigSolv, Munters, ISG, StarLine, Active Power, Tate, and ebrc.About BroadGroup:Established in 2002, BroadGroup is an Information Media Technology and Professional Services company providing a value chain of consulting and research, publications, and innovative conference brands focused on data center, cloud and IT infrastructure and investment. The company is headquartered in London and incorporated as a limited company in the United Kingdom.(http://www.broad-group.com/)Press contact:Julia Vockrodt, Julia@vp-pr.com Tel0204 282 7144Source: RealWire
FARNBOROUGH – 11 January 2016 – On Tuesday 12 January, the 2016 Government ICT conference will take place within the QEII Centre in the heart of Westminster. This long standing event brings together technology and business change leaders from Central Government, Executive Agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies, Local Government and the wider public sector to discuss major IT infrastructure and digital service transformation projects throughout central and local government. Conference delegates will have the opportunity to meet with industry leading solution providers capable of supporting different elements within the digital services strategies. One such provider is Datum Datacentres, sister company to leading UK managed service and cloud platform provider, Attenda. As a supplier to public and private sector organisations who place high value on the stringent security and resilience, Datum Datacentres will be showcasing their business critical data centre co-location service. Sited within the List-X Cody Technology Park just outside the M25 in Farnborough, Datum’s highly resilient, ultra secure and accredited data centre is conveniently located 35 minutes from London Waterloo and with easy access to the UK motorway network. Datum Farnborough is carrier and cloud neutral and connection-rich with latencies to the City of less than a millisecond. For organisations looking to maximise the value of their digital strategies, Datum’s data centre supports hybrid compute and connected DR, and delivers always-on availability and high power densities backed by enterprise class service. Part of the Attenda IT Services group, Datum is trusted by public and private sector clients within sensitive areas such as defence and security as secure environments for content, data and business critical IT to connect with a neutral choice of networks and cloud service providers.About DatumDatum Farnborough (FRN1) Key FeaturesStrategic, London-edge, secure campus LocationPressurised free cooling providing Leading-Edge Environmental EfficiencySLA backed 100% Power AvailabilityEnhanced, Government-grade SecurityDynamic & Flexible support for High-Density deployments (up to 30kW per rack as standard)Carrier & Cloud NeutralComprehensive Accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 50001, PCI DSS, DCA Class 3 Fully Operational, EU Code of Conduct for Data CentresHighly Resilient infrastructure design & operations to support business critical ITwww.datum.co.ukPress Contact:Lexie GowerT: 0845 5680123E: lexie.gower@datum.co.uk Source: RealWire