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Especially in the northeast, shale proximity balances out low electricity prices.
Getting voice assistants to speak Slovakian first means getting better AI learning.
City Council passes bill addressing algorithmic discrimination in city government.
The sprawling 68-page document included a brief list of action items that aim to improve the country's approach to cybersecurity.
Net neutrality supporters will try to reinstate the rules in courts and Congress.
If you ignore the language and country restrictions, this covers 80 percent of devices.
Target claims half of its stores will offer same-day delivery by next summer.
Country's Ministry of Defence will run a "bug bounty" programme, led by HackerOne, inviting hackers worldwide to identify vulnerabilities in its internet-facing systems.
Protests led by various activist groups manage to turn out crowds large and small.
Publicly traded company helps country spy on critics, no questions asked.
“They went and served their country—and they’re messed up and everything.”
Trump says “we'll handle it,” but options are severely limited.