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"Additional consumershellip;rejected the SPP, but Comcast signed them up anyway."
Comcast says it will increase network investment, but it was already doing that.
Breakup of Comcast and NBC should be explored, senator says.
In defending itself, Comcast falsely equates fast lanes with data cap exemptions.
Three-year-old "no paid prioritization" pledge was suddenly removed.
ATT will use customer data to boost advertising business, court filing says.
Net neutrality support is just "fear-mongering and hysteria," FCC chair says.
Net neutrality rules unnecessary because ISPs will do the right thing, Pai says.
Comcast still won't block or throttlemdash;but paid prioritization may be on the way.
Bad news for Google Fiber: Nashville utility pole ordinance invalidated by judge.
Comcast or Verizon could buy Fox Studios and cable networks.
Mobile lobby says FCC should enforce "non-regulation" policy throughout nation.