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Collision at 300 feet reveals limits of "trusting the app."
Cruise said the motorcyclist, who walked away from the collision, was at fault.
Spare parts shortage, collision damage have sidelined entire sub fleet.
The shuttle wasn't at fault, but it might have been able to avert the accident.
CO ordered duties of helmsman spiltmdash;but all of them got sent to another console.
In the history of computing, 1995 was a crazy time.

First Java appeared, then close on its heels came JavaScript.

The names made them seem like conjoined twins newly detached, but they couldn’t be more different. One of them is compiled and statical...
Produces light and gravitational waves, confirms collisions produce fast gamma ray bursts, heavy elements.
End-to-end encryption is still seen as a danger by British politicians but as a useful protection by Europeans.
We've now got three detectors working in parallel, increasing our resolution.
The bullet cluster made dark matter apparent: Has it stood the test of time?
"Itrsquo;s kind of like a death in the family."
Autopilot too permissive, allowed the system to be used inappropriately.