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I’m one of those people who takes time at the new year to define personal objectives for the forthcoming year, some of which I actually achieve.

Enterprise IT should be doing the same thing for cloud computing.Here are my three suggestions for IT’s ...
VMware, McAfee, and Trend Micro announce a series of acquisitions that indicate a strong focus on cloud security.
Where we look back at a month of intriguing questions and engaging answers, but where some of those answers may have been just responses rather than solutions.
Cloud security architecture skills to customer-service savvy are among the key IT security skills needed next year as CIOs ramp up hiring.
Where we encounter the efforts of security practitioners to apply something that sounds like an old model to the new system of distributed computing, and find out to get it to work, they have to turn it inside out.
Telco plans to launch user-friendly cloud security serviceHamburg, Germany. 13 December 2017 - The growth of smartphone usage in the Asia-Pacific region is unstoppable. Between 2013 and 2015 alone, the number of users in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and t...
Oracle continues to grow its machine learning cloud security capabilities, with new services that help to automate and improve security.
Where we encounter the problem of applying the most modern security model we have to the most capable data centers we run and discover the two may come from different eras.
At the AWS re:Invent conference, CTO Werner Vogels emphasizes the critical importance of security in all cloud development.
The acquisition is intended as a way to augment Qualys cloud security solutions.
The cloud security company plans to add threat detection, incident response, and compliance management to its platform.
DAILY VIDEO: 1.7M accounts breached in Imgur attack that occurred in 2014; McAfee extends cloud security with Skyhigh Networks acquisition; Microsoft makes Office available to Chromebooks that run Android apps; and there's more.