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Android Parallel Tasks makes Android apps work more like regular PC programs.
Microsoft shouldnrsquo;t remove the Chrome installer; Google should aim higher.
The Web's #1 advertising company makes a power play with its own ad blocker.
The browser itself isn't a store app. Just the installer.
Google gives Administrators new ways to lock down the browser.
Google says its new Chrome 63 brings a major enterprise security boost.
Google says Progressive Web Apps are the future of app-like webpages.
Googlersquo;s stripped-down version of Android is ready for OEMs.
Users with injected software are 15 percent more likely to experience crashes.
Browser will block third-party software from mucking around with pages next year By mid-2018 Google Chrome will no longer allow outside applications – cough, cough, antivirus packages – to run code within the browser on Windows.…
Word, Excel, and Powerpoint can be yours for $7 a month.
Changes to Google Chrome aim to prevent users from being redirected to unexpected websites and unwanted content.