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Products from Lenovo, HPE, Google, Microsoft, and others impacted by flaw in Infineon chipset.
A flawed Infineon Technology chipset left HP, Lenovo and Microsoft devices open to what is called a 'practical factorization attack,' in which an attacker computes the private part of an RSA key.
One year after working on NES Classic, Russian hacker returns with similar exploit.
The update closely follows revised offerings from competitors Apple and Amazon.
Researchers find six previously unknown memory corruption and unlock-bypass vulnerabilities in major chipset vendors' firmware code.
Beware of attackers inside your smartphone's bootloader code.
It combines the cellular modem and direct short-range radio together in one.
Cheaper, faster, and more feature-rich than Skylake-Xmdash;what's not to love?
Telematics torched in BMWs, Infinitis, Nissan Leaf and some Fords A bunch of mid-age Ford, Infiniti, Nissan and BMW vehicles are carrying around a vulnerable chipset from Infineon that America's ICS-CERT reckons is easy to exploit.…
Security researcher found a common flaw in Android and iOS smartphone chipsets that could allow a remote exploit to be unleashed on millions of devices.