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When one NGO blocked intrusion, frustrated hackers tried to knock its website offline.
At the end of September, Palo Alto released a report on Unit42 activity where they – among other things – talked about PYLOT malware. We have been detecting attacks that have employed the use of this backdoor since at least 2015 and refer to it as Travle.

Coincidentally, KL was recently involved in an investigation of a successful attack where Travle was detected, during which we conducted a deep analysis of this malware.
We took risks, we had gutsmdash;and, one day in 1969, it all paid off.
Remastered ports could be a test run on similar Tegra hardware.
Keep your money, says chap (tho Chinese drone firm did patch 'em right quick) Chinese drone-maker DJI’s bug bounty programme has been struck with fresh controversy after a security researcher claimed he was offered just $500 for reporting, among others...
The three Chinese nationals are accused of infiltrating US firms to steal trade secrets.
Tech consultants waged six-year hacking campaign, American prosecutors claim Three Chinese nationals went on a six-year hacking spree against American targets, siphoning financial reports and tech blueprints, US prosecutors allege.…
The accused hacked 3 multinational corporations in pursuit of intellectual property.
A one-megawatt installation is planned; gigawatt installations could follow it.