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SMi Group are delighted to have David Black from OFWAT open the 7th Annual conference on Smart Water Systems when it returns to Central London next April.David is a Senior Director at OFWAT, the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wal...
Aimed at capturing emerging trends in PFS injector technology, regulation and patient centric drug delivery, SMi Group’s flagship conference and exhibition on Pre-Filled Syringes will gather a global audience of over 100 senior PFS experts and bi...
The Glass Room in central London looks like a high-end tech store, but is actually an exhibition designed to encourage visitors to question how easily they give data away online.
London – 27 June 2017 – UKCloud, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, has been named SME Digital Leader of the Year at the 2017 Digital Leaders (DL) 100 Awards.

The award was presented to UKCloud CEO, Simon Hansford, and members of the team at a ceremony in central London on Thursday 22nd June 2017, which was attended by digital pioneers from across the UKrsquo;s public,... Source: RealWire
Speakers include Rodney Joffe, Neustar SVP and Fellow, Charlie McMurdie, Senior Cybercrime Advisor, PwC; and Brian Foster, Neustar SVP Information ServicesLONDON, UK AND STERLING, Va. -- April 12, 2017; Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR), a trusted, neutral prov...
London, U.K., 23 January 2017 – Ascertus Limited is bringing together security experts and three prominent legal software suppliers, including Mimecast, iManage and DocuSign, to discuss one of the most burning issues for the legal industry in 2017 – cyber security. This free to attend seminar is scheduled for 8:30 – 13:00 on 23 February 2017 at the new Central London offices of Bird & Bird.The keynote address will be delivered by Rob Dartnall, Cyber Intelligence Director, Security Alliance, an intelligence-driven cyber security consultancy with global reach. Rob has recently authored a white paper entitled, ‘The Cyber Threat Landscape for Law Firms’, a copy of which will be provided to all attendees. His address will be followed by insightful presentations from Mimecast, iManage Inc., DocuSign and others. The special guest presenter is Jenny Radcliffe aka ‘The People Hacker’ who will talk about her own experiences as an ethical Social Engineer; discussing the tricks, tactics and methods she uses to illustrate how ‘people’ are the weak link in organisations. In her highly entertaining presentation, Jenny will also provide some tips and guidance on how to ‘wake up the workforce’ to this danger. The full agenda can be viewed here: http://www.ascertus.com/Event/The_Cyber_Threat_Landscape_for_Law_Firms_Seminar “With the pace at which technology is advancing alongside the skill set and dogged resolve of cyber criminals, it isn’t far-fetched to believe that a security breach is almost a certainty for most organisations,” said Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus Limited. “Law firms are especially vulnerable due to the nature of their business. Rather than only focus on breach prevention, loss mitigation is potentially a sounder business approach. It requires all facets of security to come together – i.e. technology, people and processes. At this seminar, attendees will hear from experts and leave with actionable understanding of how they can manage the cyber security challenges faced by their organisations.” The seminar is aimed at individuals responsible for IT, security, data privacy, operations and strategy in law firms and corporate legal departments. To register for the seminar, visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-cyber-threat-landscape-for-law-firms-tickets-31348272527. About Ascertus LimitedAscertus provides information and document lifecycle management consultancy, software solutions and IT support services to law firms and corporate legal departments. Based in Central London, the company offers a full range of professional services – from consultancy, business analysis and project management; to software implementation, training, documentation and technical support – delivering bespoke email, contract and document management solutions in on-premises and privately hosted environments. The company has successfully delivered and managed some of the largest iManage Work installations at customer sites in the UK. For more information, visit: www.ascertus.com. Media contact:TagusPRVidushi Patelvidushi@taguspr.co.uk+44 7958474632
Press Release Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus Limited, highlights his view on the technology trends in the legal sector in 2017: Threat management will play a key role in security efforts – With the continued onslaught of cyber-crime in all its various guises – phishing, ransomware, whaling, smishing and so on – security will be high up on the agenda in the legal sector.
In addition to traditional reactive security measures, law firms will look to actively make pre-emptive security a priority.

To support this requirement, legal technology vendors will embed threat monitoring and management into the core business applications that firms use. Linking big data with behavioural intelligence based on system history, such tools will create, study and monitor the finger print of every single user and alert the organisation to unusual actions and activities.

These threat management solutions will very accurately highlight the usage patterns of employees based on their role in the organisation.

Consequently, any peculiar or untoward activity will be relatively easy to spot to potentially identify attacks in process and even improve the ability to detect future breaches. Records management systems will grow in importance and functionality – Records management is becoming essential for regulatory compliance and data security, driven to the forefront of firms’ agendas by the impending arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The ability to automatically apply company retention policies to physical files, electronic documents and email correspondence based on good governance practices in both controlled and uncontrolled environments, from a range of device types, as well as inside and outside the corporate firewall, will become essential. Historically, records management has been viewed as a burdensome elective process, relying upon users to manually apply the correct retention policies to their individual records.

This has rarely been effective.

To support the more widespread use of records management in view of the business imperatives, software vendors will make their systems more affordable and processes more user friendly and intuitive.

For example, in recent times we have seen the rise of separate record management systems that can auto-categorise and automatically apply retention policies, thus eliminating manual effort. Unfortunately, to date these types of solutions have been very expensive.

The new breed of records management systems will provide such functionality as standard.

They will also provide full management of many types of data repositories, both physical paper and electronic based, including tight integration with document management systems, network file shares, SharePoint repositories, and other data stores. Artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives will continue, but in the vein of commoditisation – AI is garnering interest in the legal sector, but a closer inspection of the tools and apps being made available reveal that they are presently more similar to commoditised legal services in the form of packaged, low cost modules for areas such as wills, contracts, pre-nuptials and non-disclosure agreements for the benefit of consumers. Undoubtedly, AI offers tremendous potential and some large law firms have launched initiatives to leverage the technology. However, there’s a significant amount of work to be done in defining the ethical and legal boundaries for AI, before the technology can truly be utilised for delivering legal services to clients with minimal human involvement. Until then, in 2017 and perhaps for a few more years yet, we will continue to see incremental innovative efforts to leverage the technology, but in the vein of commoditisation – similar to what we have seen in the last 12 months. Note to the editor: Roy Russell is available to discuss and substantiate his view with further detail. About Ascertus LimitedAscertus provides information and document lifecycle management consultancy; software solutions and IT support services to law firms and corporate legal departments.

Based in Central London, the company offers a full range of professional services – from consultancy, business analysis and project management; to software implementation, training, documentation and technical support – delivering bespoke email, contract and document management solutions in on-premises and privately hosted environments.

The company has successfully delivered and managed some of the largest iManage Work installations at customer sites in the UK.

For more information, visit: www.ascertus.com. Media contact:TagusPRVidushi Patelvidushi@taguspr.co.uk+44 7958474632
EnlargeOli Scarff/Getty Images reader comments 52 Share this story Uber drivers have the same employment rights as other full-time employees in Britain, a court has ruled in a landmark decision which looks likely to send shockwaves through the nation's so-called "gig economy." The ruling means that drivers are now entitled to earn the national minimum wage, holiday pay, sick pay, and other benefits, after the San Francisco-based taxi firm lost a case brought against them by two drivers backed by the GMB union. Uber had argued that it was a tech firm rather than a transport one, and that as its drivers were self-employed contractors it was not obliged to provide the kinds of statutory employment rights full-time workers would expect. According to the GMB, the Central London Employment Tribunal's decision will have ramifications in other industries which rely on casualised labour, and that "similar contracts masquerading as bogus self employment will all be reviewed." The union's legal director Maria Ludkin said the case represented "a monumental victory" and claimed it would "have a hugely positive impact" for Uber's drivers, of whom there are around 40,000 in Britain. Uber drivers and other directed workers do have legal rights at work. The question for them now is how those rights are enforced in practice. The clear answer is that the workforce must combine into the GMB union to force the company to recognise these rights and to negotiate fair terms and conditions for the drivers. For its part, Uber is sticking to its self-employment argument, and it UK general manager Jo Bertram has vowed to appeal the court's decision. She said: Tens of thousands of people in London drive with Uber precisely because they want to be self-employed and their own boss. The overwhelming majority of drivers who use the Uber app want to keep the freedom and flexibility of being able to drive when and where they want. While the decision of this preliminary hearing only affects two people we will be appealing it. Enlarge / Uber's UK manager, Jo Bertram. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images In the court's ruling, however, the judges insisted that “the notion that Uber in London is a mosaic of 30,000 small businesses linked by a common ‘platform’ is to our minds faintly ridiculous. Drivers do not and cannot negotiate with passengers… They are offered and accept trips strictly on Uber’s terms.” The tribunal panel reserved hefty criticism for the firm, claiming that it had used "fictions," "twisted language," and "brand new terminology" to hoodwink drivers and passengers alike. The GMB meanwhile denied that the majority of Uber drivers enjoyed the "flexibility" of their current contracts. Ludkin said: “This judgement in no way affects driver flexibility, it merely guarantees them basic employment rights. Uber’s decision to appeal that is purely related to protecting their ample profits and nothing to do with protecting the drivers.” Many tech firms rely on casual labour and the UK's lax self-employment laws, but this ruling has opened the doors to more tribunals, including at courier firms such as CitySprint, Addison Lee, eCourier, and Excel. Deliveroo, meanwhile, embroiled in a labour dispute of its own for similar reasons, may also find itself in trouble. As well as its appeal, Uber is currently also trying to persuade its drivers that the decision only affects the two drivers who went before the tribunal. In an e-mail sent to drivers on Friday night, Bertram wrote: As you may be aware, earlier this year a small number of London partner-drivers brought a claim to challenge their self-employed status with Uber. Although we have today heard that this challenge has been successful at this first stage, it’s very important to note that today’s decision only affects two individuals and Uber will be appealing it. There will be no change to your partnership with Uber in light of this decision and we will continue to support the overwhelming majority of drivers who tell us that they use the Uber app to be their own boss and choose when and where to drive. Ludkin responded: “Even after the judge found Ms Bertram’s evidence lacked credibility and described her as ‘grimly loyal,’ she continues to try and advance a misleading and false set of facts. The Uber judgment applies to 40,000 UK drivers, not two. Ms Bertram might be wise to think how this judgment reflects on her before she issues any more statements.” This post originated on Ars Technica UK
With the aim of modernising court services, the London Borough of Southwark has successfully introduced paper-free Digital Courtroom (www.digitalcourtrooms.co.uk) technology to the London Family Court.

The process, conducted in partnership with South London Legal Partnership, has gone from pilot to ‘go live’ in just over 6 weeks with the first cases already heard.The Digital Courtroom Solution is a complete software and service package, which provides all the necessary tools required to digitize the UK court system.

By eliminating paper-based practices the Digital Courtrooms solution enables court processes to be streamlined, significantly reducing costs, removing the stress of missing files and greatly boosting efficiency. Central Family Court The solution combines services from three leading legal technology organisations: ProjectFusion with its secure Data Room system, Zylpha’s with its widely acclaimed e-bundling technology and technical support from South London Legal Partnership. Project Fusion’s Data Room provides a simple to use virtual interface, which delivers a secure digital space protected by the latest security technology. Zylpha’s widely acclaimed digital e-Bundling software eliminates the strain of creating and maintaining paper court bundles and removes the risk of lost documents.

The digital bundles can be updated, repaginated and distributed safely in a matter of minutes – a process that previously took many hours to complete.

The final element is a high quality support programme, supplied through South London Legal Partnership, the shared legal services operation for Kingston, Merton, Sutton and Richmond councils. Commenting on the news Phillip Barker, Deputy Business Manager (Legal Services) Finance & Governance said “In a little over a month Southwark and the Central London Family Court, under the direction of SLLP, have moved into the digital age.

Trial bundles are now securely delivered using Data Rooms rather than outdated and unreliable couriers or the DX paper system. “This secure digital delivery solution has revolutionised the way the Child Care Legal Team functions.
In short, it has standardised the way that lawyers store documents ready to be converted into the electronic bundle using Zylpha; making it easy for anyone to search for and locate case documents quickly.

Beyond this, the control and ease with which the Project Fusion Data Rooms can be created has also removed the stress of dealing with couriers or catching the DX.

Although there are setup costs, we truly believe that this solution will save the council thousands of pounds and free up valuable time.

The Digital Solution isn’t the future it’s the here and now.“ Commenting on the news Tim Long CEO of Zylpha welcomed Philip Barkers comments adding, “Zylpha has worked with Southwark for some years, so we know the exacting quality standards they set in all aspects of their court work. We are delighted then that they have chosen Digital Courtrooms to move the family court processes forward and already we can see the first benefits of this digital transformation. Over time, they will free up many hundreds of hours and reduce operational costs dramatically. We look forward to working closely with them as they start to optimise these benefits fully.” Ends About Zylpha www.zylpha.comHeadquartered in Southampton Zylpha is an innovative specialist offering tools for the legal profession including: Secure electronic document production and delivery. Court Bundling. Integration with the MOJ Portal. Links to agencies for AML and Identity Verification. The company, which was founded by Tim Long its CEO, has won widespread acclaim in both the legal and local government sectors for its systems that transform secure communications for court and case management bundles. For more information please contact:Tim LongZylpha Ltd.T: 01962 658881M: 07917 301496t.long@zylpha.comwww.zylpha.com Or Leigh RichardsThe Right ImageT: 0844 / 561 7586M: 07758 372527leigh.richards@therightimage.co.ukwww.therightimage.co.uk
Enlarge / WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange comes out on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy to address the media in central London on February 5, 2016.Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images reader comments 11 Share this story Ecuador, the nation that ...
Neustar Expands its Footprint Outside the USA with New Westminster OfficeOctober 18, 2016 – LONDON and STERLING, Va. – Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced that it has expanded its EMEA headquarters to a new office location in central London (Westminster). From October 2016, the new Neustar office in St. James’s Park will be focused on delivering security and marketing solutions to customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has capacity for approximately sixty Neustar employees responsible for sales, marketing, account management and support. Neustar logo The new office in the high tech, circular building at 21 Palmer Street covers 6,426 square feet and marks the expansion of Neustar’s presence outside of the United States. Neustar’s other global locations, include San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Tokyo, Hamburg, Melbourne, Costa Rica, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Neustar’s previous UK presence was near Heathrow, to the west of Greater London. “In Europe we are experiencing rapid growth, which reflects an increase in opportunities for our businesses in EMEA. This is all good news and means we need to open a larger head office in the region. As all our other global offices are in excellent locations, it made sense for us to choose a premier position in central London from where we can effectively service our EMEA client base,” said Brian Foster, Senior Vice President of Information Services, Neustar. For more information please visit: Neustar offices: https://www.neustar.biz/about-us/contact-usNeustar MarketShare offices: http://www.marketshare.com/contact-us About NeustarEvery day, the world generates roughly 2.5 quadrillion bits of data. Neustar (NYSE: NSR) isolates certain elements and analyzes, simplifies and edits them to make precise and valuable decisions that drive results. As one of the few companies capable of knowing with certainty who is on the other end of every interaction, we’re trusted by the world’s great brands to make critical decisions some 20 billion times a day. We help marketers send timely and relevant messages to the right people. Because we can authoritatively tell a client exactly who is calling or connecting with them, we make critical real-time responses possible. And the same comprehensive information that enables our clients to direct and manage orders also stops attackers. We know when someone isn’t who they claim to be, which helps stop fraud and denial of service before they’re a problem. Because we’re also an experienced manager of some of the world’s most complex databases, we help clients control their online identity, registering and protecting their domain name, and routing traffic to the correct network address. By linking the most essential information with the people who depend on it, we provide more than 12,000 clients worldwide with decisions—not just data. More information is available at http://www.neustar.biz Neustar Media ContactClinton KarrClinton.karr@neustar.biz(415) 590-4611
Speakers include industry experts and investment specialistsLONDON, 19 September, 2016, Managers of Wealth (MoW) event FinTech EUROPE 2016 is to be held in central London on 27 October, 2016.

The speakers represent many industry leading organisations and have extensive experience which contributes to their interesting, stimulating and insightful topics all very relevant in the post Brexit economy. “We recognise that our delegates seek to learn, discuss and debate relevant topics with their peers and colleagues from the industry during our events.

Given the state of the investment market today, the challenges and issues we face are very relevant but so too is taking time out to consider the strategic direction required for continued success. We are delighted that we have secured very engaging and knowledgeable speakers for FinTech EUROPE 2016,” comments Trevor Roberts, Founder and CEO, Managers of Wealth. He adds, “We are very appreciative of the time given by our speakers and below is a taste of what is to come on the 27th.” Dr Daniel Diemers, Partner, PwC and Vice President, Swiss Finance & Technology Association.

Daniel leads the panel discussion “Quick-witted mammals vs the Jurassic banking dinosaurs” which is sure to be a stimulating discussion.

Daniel’s industry expertise covers retail and wholesale banking, private banking and wealth management, consumer finance and insurance. He specialises in growth strategies, market entry/regional expansion, digital innovation/ FinTech, operating model optimization, and risk and regulatory management. With this background and his current involvement with blue chip clients across Europe and the Middle East, Daniel has a wealth of experience to draw upon and to help stimulate the discussion.Based in Zurich, Switzerland now recognised as a hot bed of FinTech innovation, Daniel has also found time to publish many books and articles and is an active speaker at conferences in Europe and the United States. Kirstene Baillie, Partner, Financial Services and Funds, Fieldfisher LLP is presenting “Old laws, new models: UK regulation of FinTech”.

Currently head of the Financial Services and Funds group at Fieldfisher, Kirstene’s practice has evolved with the globalisation of fund management businesses, to cover a wide range of international funds and products, including alternative investment funds and property funds, insurance and pension products. Kirstene advises a wide range of clients on UK financial services regulation, including FSMA perimeter issues, conduct of business issues and the impact of the implementation of EU Directives.

Combining her experience with her roles as Co-Chair of the Investment Funds Committee of the International Bar Association, and her active participation in the Financial Services Section of the Association’s LPD Council and as member of the FSA’s Legal Experts Group on the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, we know Kirstene will be a most interesting speaker. Philip Weights, Managing Director Enhanced Banking Governance GmbH is a true industry veteran with some 50 years international experience in the banking industry. Philip is presenting “Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Philip is highly qualified, both technically and professionally, in all aspects of auditing, corporate governance, risk management and regulatory compliance. His most recent role was the Global Chief Audit Executive & Senior Vice President for Swiss private banking group EFG, with CHF 80 billion of client assets under management. He has managed global internal audit teams responsible for performing audits of private banking, corporate governance, risk management, global compliance, “high risk” client relationships and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), anti-money laundering controls, compliance with Swiss banking and local regulations, account opening and client due diligence, discretionary portfolio management, hedge funds, treasury and trading, credit lending, accounting and finance. All of these topics combined with his vast experience can provide our delegates with not only a current and historical view of the market, but an informed basis on which to predict the future of the industry. There are many more highly credible speakers in what promises to be a valuable day for anyone active in the private banking, wealth management and FinTech sector. Places are available and the full programme and booking details are available at FinTech EUROPE 2016 or for further information, please contact Managers of Wealth on Tel : +44 (0) 7805 596 479 or Email : troberts@managersofwealth.com. --- ends --- About Managers for WealthManagers of Wealth (MoW) is a highly respected global, subscription-based wealth management news portal part of a stable of focused news portals for the financial services sector. Launched in 2006, the first service The European Banking News has expanded into a number of very specific and focused portals offering news, research and analysis across the global financial services industry.

Those portals include The European Banking News Network; The Asia Pacific Banking News Network; The Middle East Banking News Network; The Americas Banking News Network; The African Banking News Network; Offshore Bankers and Islamic Bankers. With editorial teams based in Europe and Asia, the Group provides fast and efficient dissemination of news covering a broad range of finance related stories that appeal to the world’s leading financial institutions. Subscribers consistently rate the editorial at MoW team highly on both speed and relevance of in-depth news, articles and analysis.

For further information or to subscribe to the MoW media channels visit http://www.managersofwealth.com Media contact : Trevor Roberts T : +44 (0) 7805 596 479 or E : troberts@managersofwealth.com.