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Attackers gain access to personal information of Nissan Canada Finance and Infiniti Financial Services Canada customers.
Nissan Canada Finance notified 1.13 million customers on Thursday of a data breach impacting an unspecified number of past and present customers.
Only took ten days to get round to admitting it – just before the Xmas break.

Beep-beep! Nissan Canada's vehicle-financing wing has been hacked, putting personal information on as many as 1.13 million customers in the hands of miscreants.…
There's not a lot of remaining leverage on North Korea to change its cyber-behavior.
Finastra is now able to connect financial institutions to EBA CLEARING’s pan-European instant payments infrastructure via SIAnetLondon, UK, and Toronto, Canada, 1 December 2017 – Finastra has successfully completed connectivity testing with...
ICE invited tech firms to make algorithms that will track immigrantsrsquo; social media.
Opponents have vowed to fight the decision in courts and protest.
“Wersquo;ve been doing this for 15 years, and we are not hiding anything,” store owner said.
Alexa has a new Canadian English accent.
Canada is legalizing marijuana, and IBM wants to help.
Canada's highest court sought to alter search results, but it won't apply in US.