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Arrest made after man dies in Kansas "swatting."
The man wasn't a gamer, but he apparently became the victim of a deadly "prank."
Studio behind Titanfall, unnamed Star Wars game stays with EA to tune of up to $455M.
Stripping out years of feature creep, but doesn't have anything to replace it.
Destiny 2's digital success could spell long-term trouble for discs
Unused system could push newbies to "emulate the marquee player" in pairings.
Activision promised depth and soul, instead CoD WWII is retreading a well-worn path.
Our follow-up to the Steam Gauge series samples statistics from millions of Gamertags.
Straight out of Call of Duty, the TAR aims put soldiers right on target.
Phil Spencer hints that the Xbox platform could become more like the PC.
The bundle includes a new slim 500GB PlayStation 4 system, and a matching DualShock 4 Wireless Controller.
It's discounted 17% on Amazon at the moment, so you can buy it for $250 instead of $300.
See the discounted PS4 bundle now on Amazon. To read ...
Ruling notes dictator's notorious reputation wasn't actually harmed by the game.