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FCC plans to preempt state limits on municipal Internet, but is taking its time.
Watchdog decries politicians' claims that they "are acting in the public interest."
Sticks with proposal, but will ask public whether "fast lanes" should be banned.
Some Verizon "supporters" had no idea e-mails were sent on their behalf.
Telco lobby angry about prospect of facing competition.
Wheeler points to dissenting court opinion to make his case.
Bills limiting municipal ISPs in Kansas and Utah continue noble tradition.    
Tax dollars shouldn't be used to compete against private business, group says.    
Lobbyist for Comcast, Cox, TWC wrote bill to stifle rivals like Google Fiber.    
A quick Christmas hack uncovers a vulnerability in Linksys, Netgear, others.
It's not too late for caps, according to the cable industry's top lobbyist.