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Leading service provider selects cnPilottrade; Wi-Fi access and ePMPtrade; distribution networkRolling Meadows, Illinois and Lagos, Nigeria, December 21, 2017 – Cambium Networkstrade;, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions,...
FCC would be permanently barred from using Title II authority over broadband.
Ajit Pai still thinks Obama's call for net neutrality rules amounted to an order.
Congress could block net neutrality repeal, but Democrats face tough odds.
WBA Annual Industry Report highlights how Wi-Fi is positioned to support 5G-type Performance and Use CasesLondon 18 December 2017 – The level of industry confidence in Wi-Fi investment is at its highest-ever, according to the Wireless Broadband A...
Astronauts will get to see the latest Star Wars film soon, says NASA.
But pro-net neutrality groups will sue FCC to reinstate consumer protections.
ISPs supposedly harmed by the rules expanded to new areas and installed fiber.
FCC claims that broadband isn't "telecommunications."
ISPs wonrsquo;t have to reveal the full cost of service when you buy broadband.
FCC is "bend[ing] to the wishes" of big Internet providers, ex-chair says.
New strain of Mirai is sophisticated, locked, and loaded.