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CHAMP microwave pulse can disable electronics, but “fryingrdquo; ICBMs is a long shot.
Elon Musk: "Do it."
First Volvo, then Lotus, now... flying cars?
Batteries and software are changing aviation, and Boeing wants to be ready.
Senators warn of “cascaderdquo; of collisions, ask FCC to work with NASA and FAA.
"I'm optimistic.

The VP's staff has been incredibly engaging."
Have you seen how dependent our armed forces are on them? Analysis  The British government is publicly threatening to stop giving defence contracts to American aerospace firm Boeing – even though this is laughably unrealistic.…
More powerful batteries, motors, and software are creating new possibilities.
Flight, ship, and wind trackers visualize the hurricanes in real time these days.
Few details are available about this secretive mission.
Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company is a joint venture company formed under agreement with Alsalam Aerospace Industries, Boeing and Saudia Aerospace Engineering IndustriesAs a technology partner, Ramco will install cutting-edge maintenance and engineering software to help SRSC support mission-critical capabilities for Saudi Arabiarsquo;s military and commercial helicoptersRiyadh, Saudi Arabia/Singapore – August 2017 – Ramco Systems, the global aviation software provider on Cloud and Mobile, today announced that it has signed a prestigious 5-year agreement with Saudi... Source: RealWire
"Was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics and function."