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When one NGO blocked intrusion, frustrated hackers tried to knock its website offline.
Ajit Pai still thinks Obama's call for net neutrality rules amounted to an order.
Comcast VP is glad Trump is “less hostilerdquo; to mergers than Obama.
Antitrust sentiment grows, so does skepticism about Google on both the left and the right.
This is not the first time Dmitry Rogozin has tweaked NASA.
Statute barring smoking "covers these devices," divided federal appeals court says.
Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.
Investigators find evidence attackers tried to modify voter data, reports Bloomberg.
Friend, do we have a bizarre legal battle for you Analysis  In an extraordinary and expansive lawsuit, former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery has teamed up with the lawyer who brought down the NSA's mass surveillance operation – Larry Klayman – to sue all the US intelligence services and their former and current heads personally, as well as former president Barack Obama, for illegal surveillance.…
Former director of National Intelligence James Clapper has no doubt who hacked the Dems and spread fake news James Clapper, US Director of National Intelligence under president Barack Obama, has used a speech in Australia to unload on US president Donald Trump and on Russia.…
Trumprsquo;s cybersecurity order cribs from his predecessor, despite campaign bluster.
Early release needed to continue transition-related healthcare, Manning said.