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DAILY VIDEO: States starting to implement audits to bolster election integrity; North Korea getting ready wage a global cyber war, Experts Say; Google Job Search results now include salary data or estimates; and there's more.
In the face of overwhelming evidence that the Russians meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, states are adopting auditing measure to detect any possible direct ballot fraud and give voters confidence in the results.
The non-profit alliance has added GDPR compliance to its yearly vendor auditing system and announced it will be taking on new members for the first time.
The software we run has never been more difficult to vouchsafe than it is today.
It is scattered between local deployments and cloud services, built with open source components that aren’t always a known quantity, and delivered on a fast-moving sche...
New open-source effort backed by Google, IBM, Red Hat and others, launches to provide auditing and governance for the container software supply chain.
The latest version of the open source container orchestration framework Kubernetes, Kubernetes 1.8, promotes some long-gestating, long-awaited features to beta or even full production release.

And it adds more alpha and beta features as well.The new additions and promotions:Role-based security features. Expanded auditing and logging functions. New and improved ways to run both interactive and batch workloads. Many new alpha-level features, designed to become full-blown additions over the next couple of releases. [ Are you ready for the container invasion? Learn how to get started with Kubernetes. | Keep up with the latest developments in cloud computing with InfoWorldrsquo;s Cloud Computing newsletter. ]Kubernetes 1.8rsquo;s new security features Earlier versions of Kubernetes introduced role-based access control (RBAC) as a beta feature. RBAC lets an admin define access permissions to Kubernetes resources, such as pods or secrets, and then grant (“bindrdquo;) them to one or more users. Permissions can be for changing thingsnbsp;(“createrdquo;, “updaterdquo;, “patchrdquo;) or just obtaining information about them (“getrdquo;, “listrdquo;, “watchrdquo;). Roles can be applied on a single namespace or across an entire cluster, via two distinct APIs.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Posing as Equifax employees, crooks are calling to verify your account information.
The “internal control processes for this program were really broken,” GAO says.
London 06 July, 2017 – Hampleton Partners, an international mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance advisory firm for technology companies, has advised the UK founders of Bangor, Wales-based NMi Metrology and Gaming Ltd in the sale to New Jersey-based GLI Group (GLI). NMi Metrology & Gaming is a market leading compliance testing and auditing laboratory in the fields of gaming and IT security whilst GLI delivers the highest quality land-based, lottery and iGaming testing and... Source: RealWire
Tectonic, CoreOS's Linux platform built to run containers, was revamped this week to version 1.6.2. Underneath that minor point revision label lie some significant changes.According to an official CoreOS blog post, this version of Tectonic rolls in ...
Emphasizing enterprise devops, Atlassian is focusing on automation enhancements this week to its code management and continuous integration platforms.The 5.0 versions of Bitbucket Server and Data Center, Atlassian's Git code management tool, focus on compliance requirements with a committer verification capability. Only the author of a commit can push changes back to the central repository, and a log of code changes is kept for auditing purposes.

Data Center is intended for datacenter deployments, with capabilities like high availability and clustering.

Bitbucket Server is deployed on a single server.[ The art of programming moves rapidly.
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Also, smart mirror authentication caching in Data Center 5.0 lets global teams maintain mirror access by caching authentication credentials locally in the event of short outages, Atlassian said.

The Bitbucket upgrades are currently in a beta stage of release.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
There are generally accepted principles that developers of all secure operating systems strive to apply, but there can be completely different approaches to implementing these principles.