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The long-awaited app is now available for 3rd-gen Apple TVs and newer devices.
Itrsquo;s a small update, but it addresses one of the biggest Apple TV 4K complaints.
The company that makes the best low-end devices doesn't impress at the top.
Update should help non-HDR content look better with less effort.
For the time being, the desktop-based Lightroom Classic will continue to be developed.
Image quality is great, but the admirable TV app moonshot didn't quite make it.
Michael Burnham: “We come from a tradition of tolerance, freedom, and justice.”
You also can't stream 4K videos from YouTube either.
Three iPhones, an LTE Watch, a 4K Apple TV, and more.
YouTube follows Netflix to a prime spot on Comcast's X1 set-top boxes.
It's the biggest update the Apple TV has seen in yearsmdash;starts at $179, ships September 22.
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