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Soraya Okuda/EFFApple's encryption battle How the FBI could use acid and lasers to access data stored on seized iPhone Apple CEO Tim Cook: Complying with court order is “too dangerous to do” If FBI busts into seized iPhone, it could get non-iCloud data, like Telegram chats Apple: We tried to help FBI terror probe, but someone changed iCloud password Trump urges supporters to boycott Apple in wake of encryption brouhaha View all…If you are in favor of Apple’s staunch resistance to the government, you may be interested to join a rally on Tuesday, February 23 at 5:30pm local time at an Apple Store near you. Last Tuesday, Fight for the Future, an advocacy group, quickly organized a pro-Apple rally at the Apple Store on Stockton Street in downtown San Francisco. Representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a few dozen people showed up on short notice, so the groups are expanding their efforts. The new rallies promise events in Hong Kong, Munich, London, and many cities around the United States, including Anchorage, San Diego, New York, and Minneapolis. On Monday morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook again reiterated the company’s firm commitment to privacy and its resolve to fight a new court order issued last week.
If the order stands up to legal challenges, Apple would be forced to create a new customized iOS firmware that would remove the passcode lockout on a seized iPhone as part of the ongoing San Bernardino terrorism investigation. FBI Director James Comey wrote in an op-ed published Sunday evening: Although this case is about the innocents attacked in San Bernardino, it does highlight that we have awesome new technology that creates a serious tension between two values we all treasure: privacy and safety.

That tension should not be resolved by corporations that sell stuff for a living.
It also should not be resolved by the FBI, which investigates for a living.
It should be resolved by the American people deciding how we want to govern ourselves in a world we have never seen before.
The new Apple TV with its Siri Remote for touch and voice interactions. Apple Apple's late-night side project gets a bump to prime time as its new Apple TV goes on sale through the Apple online store today. The new Apple TV has gone on sale in the US for $149 (32GB of storage) and $199 (64GB). That translates to £129 and £169 in the UK and A$269 and A$349 in Australia. The previous-generation models remain available at $69 (£59, A$109). Delivery in the US should begin as early as Friday, according to the Apple Store. In the UK and Australia, delivery times are listed as three to five business days. Apple's newest set-top box represents the line's first major overhaul since 2012, and it jumps into a market where consumers have more options than ever before. The Apple box has evolved from one that largely delivered iTunes media content to one that offers services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go, but it also now faces competition from boxes offered by Roku, Amazon and Google. Apple hopes to leapfrog the competition as its large base of developers conjure up thousands of apps to support its platform. The new Apple TV significantly upgrades the processing power of the existing box and opens the device to app developers for the first time. New content services and numerous iOS games are expected to make the transition from the iPhone and iPad to the living room, with some apps and games expected to become "universal," allowing seamless usage across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Apple has framed the new Apple TV and its tvOS platform as "the future of television." The box features universal voice search, letting you find available content across all installed apps, as well as a new remote with a touch interface for easier navigation. The box itself is a taller version of the previous-generation Apple TV, now including an A8 processor (the same brains powering the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 4) and the choice of 32GB or 64GB of storage to house apps and other content. At its launch event in September, Apple demonstrated an impressive redesign of the MLB app, plus games such as Guitar Hero Live and Disney Infinity 3.0, which had been available only on dedicated games consoles. How quickly new apps and games roll out to the new Apple TV, and how well they translate to the living room, will be the crucial test for Apple TV's ambitions.
Patent highlights new glass technology used in the cube's 2011 rebuild.