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Possibility of falling snow and ice closes public areas around Apple Store.
In attempts to make amends for iPhone slow down "misunderstanding."
Apple is reviewing the code thanks to the Computer History Museum.
TV's continued niche-ification means there's plenty of excellent tech moments to enjoy.
Touch ID could be used before, but iPhone X owners must enter their passwords.
Customers say they would rather have replaced battery than bought a new phone.
New Play Store rules give developers one year to adopt any new Android changes.
Wednesday update to iOS rules also touches on VPN services, cryptocurrency apps.
Getting voice assistants to speak Slovakian first means getting better AI learning.
The internal Apple project, codenamed Marzipan, is not yet a done deal.
Testing suggests that iOS 10.2.1 added this functionality to prevent shutdowns.
Microsoft has long been a driver of alternate user interaction models on the PC; its first mouse shipped back in 1983, two years before Windows appeared and a year before the Apple Macintosh made the mouse mainstream.

Then came the first pen- and st...