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Will continue to serve on board and work for Googlersquo;s owner as a “technical advisor.”
The company already has a buyer for its "Free space optical communication."
Judge Alsup: "I canrsquo;t stand it when Waymo or the other side wants it both ways."

Life, but not as we know it

Unnatural DNA used to encode unnatural proteins, all in otherwise normal cells.
Nest might lose its status as an independent Alphabet company.
Today, you can spell out “two hundred and eightyrdquo; and STILL have room to say other stuff.
Waymo's first product will be a driverless taxi service in the Phoenix area.
Dozens of Waymo and Uber vehicles "pretty much blend in," Phoenix resident says.
Even if Waymo gets to market first, it'll face stiff competition from rivals.
The ride-hailing service is on the ups, but GM might be headed to Uber.
Holding fast on massive cash demand suggests Waymo wants to cripple its competitor.
Alphabet's Project Loon gets experimental license to provide emergency service.