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Prof asks: “Wersquo;re wondering if this is the best use of a billion dollars?”
Zoobia Shahnaz was arrested at the airport on her way to Turkey.
Schmidt is one of the highest-profile VW execs in US custody.
The initial stage asks for qualifications; winning companies will submit proposals.
I’m always interested in datacenters because I live in Northern Virginia, where a new one opens about once a month, leveraging a huge bundle of fiber coming out of the ground near Dulles Airport and cheap power sources.
Indeed, they now call my regi...
Get ready for sentient bread, state-controlled magic, Moon heists, and djinn cities.
Secrets discovered when USB was plugged into library computer; data unencrypted.
Encryption? Passwords? Nah, why use those...

Detailed security arrangements for London Heathrow airport, including the Queen’s precise route every time she passes through, were found on a USB stick left in a West London street, according to reports.…
Highly advanced "Bad Rabbit" hits train stations, airport, and media.
Previously, only San Jose and Philadelphia airports were mapped in the app.
"Our cell phones are the best deterrent to ensure mistreatment becomes a rarity."
Forget queues, you will instead walk through a virtual aquarium as a security check.