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From frustrating to mysterious to downright creepy, here are ten things we learned during 2017.
A lot of money poured into cyber-security vendors over the course of 2017, as venture capitalists look beyond breaches to find financial opportunities.
Collision at 300 feet reveals limits of "trusting the app."
NEWS ANALYSIS: Massive data breaches destroyed people's faith the security of their personal information while it ruined the careers of senior IT executives along with the reputations of giant corporations.
4.5 million complaints last year.
The worm has returned and the Yahoos have all been exposed, but did 2017 teach us any genuinely new lessons we shouldn't already have known?
"Concerns with predictive big data technologies appear in most big data policing models."
$144,000 fine for ignoring all requests to stop.
Especially in the northeast, shale proximity balances out low electricity prices.