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Arrest made after man dies in Kansas "swatting."
How car buyers respond to economics can help craft policy.
Its Model 3 has yet to see a good quarter, but Tesla is never short on grand plans.
When one NGO blocked intrusion, frustrated hackers tried to knock its website offline.
Take some time to re-download all those tracks you previously uploaded.
Fossil ditches gimmicks in favor of more smart features for its hybrid watch family.
Ajit Pai still thinks Obama's call for net neutrality rules amounted to an order.
The startup also named Virgin Group founder Richard Branson chairman.
But the Fitbit-Adidas Ionic collaboration is still happening.
At the end of September, Palo Alto released a report on Unit42 activity where they – among other things – talked about PYLOT malware. We have been detecting attacks that have employed the use of this backdoor since at least 2015 and refer to it as Travle.

Coincidentally, KL was recently involved in an investigation of a successful attack where Travle was detected, during which we conducted a deep analysis of this malware.

Jack of all trades

Among this array of threats we found a rather interesting sample – Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi.

This Trojan boasts a complicated modular architecture that means it can conduct a variety of malicious activities: mine cryptocurrencies, annoy users with constant ads, launch DDoS attacks from the affected device and much more.
Commercial installations didn't slow, but there's a lot of uncertainty in the market.