10 things in cybersecurity that you might have missed in 2017

From frustrating to mysterious to downright creepy, here are ten things we learned during 2017.

14-year-old girl faces child porn charges for sending nude selfie

The ACLU of Minnesota calls the charges absurd and unconstitutional.

Oh snap: How a shrimp closes its claws fast enough to...

Understanding their evolution shows how small changes can make a huge difference.

How Hotmail changed Microsoft (and email) forever

Acquired December 1997, Hotmail was the gift that kept on givingmdash;for good or ill.

Chrome OS 64 beta allows Android apps to run in the...

Android Parallel Tasks makes Android apps work more like regular PC programs.

Robocalls—and complaints about robocalls—are booming

4.5 million complaints last year.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm review: The path to tragedy

An episodic prequel with the same ups and downs, all around.

Regulatory analysis shows jail time is on the rise

‘Corlytics puts market conduct under the microscope’Regulators are getting personal; enforcement actions are focused on changing behaviours and non-financial sanctions are on the riseGlobal regulators have levied over USD 26.41bn in market ...

3 New Year’s resolutions for the cloud in 2018

I’m one of those people who takes time at the new year to define personal objectives for the forthcoming year, some of which I actually achieve.

Enterprise IT should be doing the same thing for cloud computing.Here are my three suggestions for IT’s ...

NSW agencies struggle with security basics

Lack of privileged account monitoring, incomplete inventories of IT assets, and lack of a consistent cyber definitions leave NSW government agencies in the lurch.

Yoti can guarantee your identity online, but sometimes you just want...

Yoti (Your Own Trusted Identity) is a smartphone app that solves the identity problem for many digital services.

But while it provides more privacy than most systems, it's not going to replace lying...

Apple to lower battery replacement costs for select iPhones to $29

In attempts to make amends for iPhone slow down "misunderstanding."