By Jesse St. Laurent, HPE Chief Technologist, Hyperconverged & SimpliVity
Technology refreshes are necessary but often difficult to complete, and that can make you feel trapped. As soon as you finish refreshing one device, it’s time to update another.
It’s much like being caught in quicksand ­– you try to move, but it is almost impossible.
In fact, you may even be sinking.

Anyone who has used older IT infrastructure models knows the feeling of constantly refreshing but never getting ahead.Most businesses today are dealing with refresh cycles in their data center every three to five years, for as many as a dozen different devices. No matter the lifespan of the technology, once tech refreshes come around, the cycles take a lot of time.

Before they can actually choose, implement, and migrate to a new solution, the business has to define infrastructure requirements, research an appropriate solution, and then vet the vendors and sales teams. With all this time spent on finding, implementing, and training on a new solution, businesses can be wondering, “When will I actually find time to innovate?”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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