(credit: Heathrow Airports Limited,)
An unemployed London man discovered a USB flash storage device lying on the street as he was headed to the library to check the Internet for job listings. When he got to the library, he plugged it in and found it was filled with security details for London’s Heathrow International Airport—including security measures and travel details for Queen Elizabeth II.

The man turned over the drive to a reporter at the Sunday Mirror.
On the flash drive were 76 folders of files, including security documents and maps of the airport.

The maps included the location of every closed circuit television (CCTV) camera at the airport; routes and security protection measures for the Queen, Cabinet ministers and visiting foreign dignitaries; and maps of the airport’s tunnels and escape shafts for the Heathrow Express train station.

Other documents included a timetable for anti-terrorism patrols at the airport, a documentation of the ultrasound system used by Heathrow security to check perimeter fences and runways for breaches, and details of the types of identification required to gain access to secure areas—including those used by covert security personnel.

There were also photos of the security facilities used by the Queen.
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