Canceled Halo Chronicles is finally detailed in epic Halo oral history(credit: 343 Industries)
The Halo game series received its first-ever comprehensive oral history on Tuesday, courtesy of Waypoint contributor Steve Haske.

The post includes a whopping 35,000 words on the series’ history told by 16 major members of the Bungie and Halo development teams.
It’s a juicy warts-and-all read, which I recommend whether you’re a Halo fan or not, but it also includes the most detail ever revealed about the biggest cancellations in the series’ history: the game Halo Chronicles and its attached Peter Jackson film.
Chronicles began life for Bungie as a contractual obligation, which former Bungie music producer Marty O’Donnell described as one of “three buckets” (the others being Halo 3 and Halo Reach). The game would go on to be co-produced by Jackson’s new video game studio, Wingnut Interactive, with key Bungie staffers helping with planning, writing, and prototyping.
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