RiME game review: An unforgettable memorial vacationEnlarge / RiME is often a peaceful game, but it has a few harrowing moments. (credit: Tequila Works)
I have had one of the most gorgeous Memorial Day weekends that I can recall, replete with beautiful, exotic memories. Some are dotted with endless coastlines and remarkable rock formations. Others are covered by bizarre memorials to an unnamed past, all scorched by the sun and set into contrast by raging thunderstorms. Each has contained its fair share of sky-burning sunsets, foliage-lined cavern glades, and wild animals.

Roughly every 15 minutes, I have stopped, marveled, and taken a photo. Now that my trip is complete, I have a scrapbook of my experiences. It’s among my favorites of the past few years.
This has been my experience with the video game RiME, which launched a few days ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. I got behind on other work ahead of the Memorial Day weekend and figured I’d play this cute, “narrative puzzle-platformer” in a few hours, then write some impressions before I clocked out for the holiday.
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