Enlarge / Graham Rahal during practice for the Indianapolis 500 this year. (credit: Michael Hickey | Getty Images)
The 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 is just one of the big races taking place this Memorial Day weekend.

And ahead of the big event—which has seen plenty of interest this year as F1 star Fernando Alonso is joining the fun—we spoke with racer Graham Rahal about his approach to the race.
Rahal is the son of Bobby Rahal, a very successful racer in his own right (with three IndyCar championships and an Indy 500 win to his name).
In fact, Graham even races for his father’s team.
Driving an IndyCar, particularly for 500 miles at Indianapolis, is quite a challenge. Unlike many other racing series, the cars are extremely physical, lacking power steering.

And they don’t have quite the same level of driver aids and electronic support systems that other series like Formula 1 or the World Endurance Championship allow.
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