Ars tests out Amazon’s first pick-up grocery store in the worldEnlarge / Amazon’s first public grocery store, now open in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

But you can’t go inside. Pickup only. (credit: Sam Machkovech)
SEATTLE—For years, Amazon’s worst-kept secret has been its interest in becoming a brick-and-mortar grocery company. After building permit leaks and employee-only beta tests, the online retailer’s first public stab at grab-and-go groceries (grab-and-gro?) launched in its home city of Seattle on Friday.
Amazon Fresh Pickup is now open in two Seattle locations, and its premise is simple: take the concept of Amazon Fresh (which delivers grocery orders to your door), then invite the customer to double as his or her own deliveryman. Since I was keen on seeing exactly how it works and happen to live 10 minutes from one of the locations, I decided to make up a Memorial Day-specific food order.
My first impression was nothing but smooth.

For those customers whose grocery shopping matches Amazon’s Fresh Pickup vision, they’re in for a treat.

But for everyone else, don’t rev your engines just yet.
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