Ars Live #13 was filmed by Chris Schodt and produced by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) Our guest at Ars Technica Live this month was Norman Chan, the founder of

There, he works as a producer with Adam Savage, Simone Giertz, and other maker geeks to create delightful, weird, and genuinely educational videos about how to build everything imaginable. Norm told Cyrus Farivar and me about how he made the leap from print media to video and what it’s like to be the guy whose job is to do things like visit the giant particle accelerator at CERN and the set of Alien Covenant. got started back in 2010 as a site for people who wanted non-snarky tech journalism, especially about consumer electronics. Norm said his love for video really started with a love of camera tech.

After reviewing so many cameras for magazines and sharing his enthusiasm with a big audience, it seemed logical to start using those cameras to tell stories online.
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