Surface Pro will get a USB Type-C dongle to connect to your donglesEnlarge / The new Surface Pro looks very similar to the Pro 4 and Pro 3. (credit: Microsoft)
The new Kaby Lake-equipped Surface Pro is an incremental update on the Surface Pro 4.
It has Intel’s latest processor and a healthy improvement to battery life, but it doesn’t include USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.
But Type-C connectivity may be coming later in the year. Panos Panay, vice president of Surface, told the Verge that the company was working on a dongle for the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop to add Type-C connectivity.

The dongle will connect to the Surface Connect port—the magnetic port used to connect to the charger and to the Surface Dock—and will support both charging from Type-C chargers and connecting to Type-C peripherals.
The Surface Connect port also supports display output—Microsoft’s own Surface Dock includes display connectivity, as well as Ethernet, USB, and power—so in principle this dongle could also support USB Type-C’s Alternate Modes, allowing the use of Type-C cables to connect to Type-C monitors.
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