Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)
Huawei has only been making PCs for a few years now, but the company has been paying attention to its competition.

Today, Huawei announced a new laptop, the Matebook X, which looks like Apple’s MacBook with its slim profile, light metal body, and fanless design.

The Matebook X has many of the same features as the MacBook, but Huawei added its own practical flare to this Windows notebook, which may be enough to make it stand out.

At first glance, you might mistake the Matebook X for the MacBook if you overlook the Huawei logo in the middle of the lid. Huawei describes the material the 13-inch notebook is made of as “microencapsulated phase change material,” and it looks and feels like metal.

The company claims this construction is better at absorbing heat produced by the machine, so it shouldn’t overheat like other laptops.
It measures 12.5mm thick at its widest point, which is just slightly thinner than the Macbook’s 13.1mm thickness.

The Matebook X will come to the US in two colors: space gray and a warm, bronze-like gold called “prestige gold.” China will receive an extra rose gold version.
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