Diving deep into the world of emergent gravityEnlarge / The Bullet Cluster, which has been viewed as a demonstration of dark matter. (credit: APOD)
The Universe is a strange place.

Apart from the normal matter that we see around us, there appears to be a far larger amount of matter that we cannot see—the infamous dark matter.

Even more puzzling, the Universe seems to be bathed in a similarly invisible dark energy, which drives the Universe to expand faster and faster.

This all points to something missing from our understanding.

At the moment, we tend to think that dark matter is something missing from quantum mechanics, a particle that provides dark matter.

Dark energy seems to be more gravity related.
But it’s possible the two are linked.

According to Professor Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam, it may be that dark matter does not exist. His work indicates that in a Universe with dark energy (a positive cosmological constant), gravity does not exactly follow general relativity. His preliminary calculations indicate that the difference between general relativity and his work may provide forces that we currently ascribe to dark matter.
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