When it comes to racing games, Codemasters’ F1 2016 was my biggest surprise of last year. Here was an F1 game that was tricky to master yet engaging and fun. More fun than watching the actual 2016 F1 season, in many regards.

The actual sport has had quite a few big changes this year—new ownership is bringing in fresh ideas, and the cars are quite a bit faster thanks to tires that aren’t intentionally rubbish.

As a result, Lee Mather’s team at Codemasters has had to do the same with F1 2017, which arrives for the PC (via Steam), PS4, and Xbox One on August 25.
To be honest, if they’d stopped there, I imagine the game would still be plenty of fun based on how much I enjoyed the last installment. (Words i never thought I’d write, given my past history with F1 games.) But wait, there’s more.
If you’ve been watching F1 for a while now, you probably think things were better in the olden days—for some value of “olden days” that probably corresponds to around the time you first got hooked on the sport.
If so, I’ve got some good news for you.

For the first time in four years, classic F1 cars are making their in-game return.
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