Oculus cofounder bristles at being “disqualified” for Trump supportA picture of Luckey from a time when he probably had a better opinion of the media.
Oculus cofounder Palmer Luckey hasn’t exactly been eager to talk to the media since leaving Facebook nearly two months ago (a cosplay-focused Japanese interview notwithstanding).
In fact, Luckey hasn’t said much about the controversy surrounding his political giving since a short statement posted last September.
In Twitter posts yesterday, though, Luckey seemed to express exasperation at the public pressure he felt following publicized donations to Nimble America, a pro-Trump group that sold itself on “shitposting,” “meme magic,” and donations to Trump’s inauguration effort.
“I don’t think someone should be disqualified from being the ‘face of a medium’ for supporting the President of the US, no matter the party,” Luckey wrote in response to a poster who pushed back against “politics [that] support the oppression of people based on sexuality, race, religion or gender.”
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