When will a VR system finally get an honest-to-goodness adventure? Early adopters and curious onlookers continue to ask this question, wondering when they’ll get their own unique, hours-upon-hours mix of story, puzzles, battles, and thrills.
The closest answer up until now remains the incredible and memorable Resident Evil 7. However, that’s a bit of a cheat, since it launched primarily for normal TV displays with an optional, albeit awesome, VR mode attached.

Thus, the hunt’s still on—and the folks at Oculus have been crowing for months about how their upcoming game Wilson’s Heart would do the trick.
I’m not just here to inform you that Oculus’s high-budget, high-production-value attempt missed the mark—especially for those readers who don’t own an Oculus and high-end PC to match. Rather, I’m interested in exploring just how this week’s new game, which once looked quite promising, slammed to Earth with melted wings on its back—and what that says for the current state of VR gaming.
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