Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson)
Something strange happened at work the other day: internecine warfare broke out over emoji use on Slack.

The psycho-nerdism level was at 11, and it happened among a geeky staff that included someone who had recently merged a toy teddy bear with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

The things you can do with that freaky device are probably illegal in several states.

But I’m digressing.

Our civil war was straight out of HBO’s Silicon Valley.
It kinda rivaled the Tabs versus Spaces scene from Season 3, Episode 6. However, we weren’t fighting about coding methods. What sparked our “first-world problems” brouhaha was Slack finally answering our staff’s wishes.
This month’s Slack update granted Slackers the ability to type a “status” message—or an emoji—next to their name and avatar. Presumably, this new feature would be used by staffers to display their availability—useful because our US staff of 26 doesn’t see each other much. We all work remotely, and much of our real-time communications occur on Slack. We also use Slack to instantly communicate with our London-based Ars brethren and with freelancers across the globe.
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