It’s going to be a busy year for racing games.

At some point, we expect Gran Turismo Sport to finally arrive, Forza Motorsport 7 is on its way, and then there’s Project Cars 2.

The first Project Cars, which arrived a couple of years ago, was an uncompromising sim racer of the kind hitherto unknown on consoles.
It was also fiendishly difficult, something fans seized upon as proof of just how good a simulation it was compared to, say, Forza.

But here’s the thing: just because a game is very hard to master, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate to the real thing. Reassuringly, that’s a view shared by Rod Chong, COO at Slightly Mad Studios, the game’s developer.
“If you look at sim racing as a whole, there’s this misconception that it needs to be really, really difficult, or it’s not a sim.

This is not simulation, that’s not reality,” Chong told me.
So it’s heartening to hear that in the quest to improve the game’s physics—particularly the tire model—Project Cars 2 should be both a more accurate simulation of real life but also a much more accessible game.
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